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  1. Thank You so Much, unknown poster! And thank you Alexandra for passing on the message. Hopefully now they will have the video in stock! From what I remember, I urgently recommend this video, as the dancing in it is on such a higher level from what we are accustomed to seeing from even the world's greatest dancers, it's just incomparable. You understand how beautiful ballet can be, from watching Malakhov, who on this tape is chillingly perfect, from top to bottom, as pure and honest a dancer as he is rich and extravagant.
  2. Thank you all for your help! 'Malakhov-True Prince' is not at all the video I am looking for- which is not a documentary at all, just dance after dance after dance, there's no talking whatsoever. I wonder if i'll ever be able to find it...
  3. Hi everyone! I had 3 queries I'd like to share but the 1st one is by FAR the most important. I appreciate greatly in advance any assistance given. I am looking for a video I saw once by chance and was never able to relocate although I imagine it may have been put together in Japan. It is a video entirely of Malakhov in countless solos, pas de deux, such as spectre de la rose, La sylphide and much more. It was so inspiring at the time and I am desperate to get hold of this video gem for keeps. Does anyone have any ideas whatsoever? Also, was wondering if anyone had seen the teaching videos of David Howard, or dimitri roudnov (Partnering- secrets of russian training) and would be able to tell me if they were worth ordering. One last thing-Where can I get the balanchine dance in america series on video? Amazon is out of stock or way overpriced (100$ a tape)
  4. Not sure that I follow about the back arch: Do you think the back should be arched all the time when you're dancing? You think dancing with a straight torso is stiff? Or are you just talking about having a flexible arabesque? Because I don't think Whelan has a stiff back, she just keeps it straight. I'm sure if fhe were doing shades corps she would get her leg up very high indeed. please someone explain.
  5. Hello Friends, I don't know if this is the right place to post this message but anyway; I didn't get a corps contract with the San Francisco Ballet, so... I decided to accept an offer with the Washington Ballet!!! Am very excited, though I have no idea where i'm going to live yet! It'll be cool to maybe meet alot of you in person, I already introduced myself to Victoria Leigh last week when I was in town auditioning. If anyone has any ideas about housing in the area of the ballet please contact me: guyfletcher17@hotmail.com (I hope i'm allowed to do that). Anyway I just thought I'd share my news with you guys, since I consider you all old friends (at least those of you who know who I am!).
  6. Hi Friends! Yes I am now in San Fransisco as an apprentice, and yes it is good news. Yesterday I watched the SFB perform at the Sterngrove festival, and sat next to a friend of yours, Alexandra. Her name was Allison and she was reviewing the show for one of your publications. I have only been here for three weeks and so far am having a great time.
  7. Hi Alexandra, I am now dancing with ABT studio company! It is a dream come true and I am enjoying it very much. The reason I haven't been here for so long is because I always used to spend too much time on it, This site is so good it's addictive. Unfortunately time and computer access are both sometimes equally hard to find in the studio company. Now that I have a vacation though I have allowed myself the pleasure of returning briefly. The site has improved tremendously, btw, its even more awesome now- congratulations!
  8. To Vagansmom and Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed Kirk's Nutcracker, I certainly had fun dancing it. The audience was a real pleasure to dance for, they were so appreciative. May I ask what you thought of the Russians? I am curious as to why the audience in general didn't seem to like it very much although every show they did get a little bit more receptive. Please don't hesitate to say if the dancing just wasn't very strong, or not quite strong enough to keep up with the choreography. I just am really interested what the reason was and promise I'd take it constructively.
  9. For ABT, Marcelo Gomes has been holding the company up recently, and of course Julie Kent for consistency and perfection. For the future: David Hallberg and Michelle Wiles.
  10. Thanks! Now where can I find out what is on offer during the month of August?
  11. This is slightly off the subject but: Are performances in San Fransisco generally sold out? ie since i'm going this summer do I need to book in advance or am i likely to get tickets on the night?
  12. Beth, what do you mean "Suzanne Farrell's bad knees"? what was wrong with them?
  13. Wow that is such an inspiring story! Definitely something to pass on to the grandchildren. shame there isn't any video footage - thank goodness for people like you to pass on these treasured memories and images that would otherwise be forgotten.
  14. A performance I would have loved to attend is one described in Bernard Taper's Balanchine biography: In the 1930's Balanchine created the role of Nightingale in "Le Chant du Rossignol" for petite 14 yr old Alicia Markova, but on one occasion she was ill, and since noone knew the steps except for Balanchine, he stepped in to perform the role himself, much to the surprise of the Monte Carlo audience and the Princess of Monaco, who later remarked that Mr. Balanchine was very good but that she still preferred the little Markova girl. I would have loved to see Markova perform, along with Tanaquil le Clerq and Alexandra Danilova. Could anyone who saw these dancers (whether live or on video) comment?
  15. I haven't seen her dance the role, but from seeing her do other things, I have the feeling that Svetlana Zakharova is a perfect Giselle. I saw Malakhov dance Albrecht on video, and I think with his combined gifts of superb acting, beautiful lines and flawless technique he is a perfect Albrecht. Allesandra Ferri is also stunning in the role, and totally convincing in both acts. I admit, I don't think Paloma Herrera would be suited for the role, though I adore her in certain things.
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