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Question about NCSA

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Mr. Pandi retired early last school year, during the time that students were being placed in permanent levels. He is greatly loved and missed, and is sometimes seen on campus.

Students say that "Mr. Huan" (sp?) has been selected to join the faculty, but are not sure if he has accepted the job. Mr. Huan was purportedly teaching at BB SI last year. Sorry if this is what you call gossip, but people I know can't confirm it any closer than this.

Guest teachers at NCSA last year which I remember hearing about were Patricia Barker and Anna Marie Holmes.

With all the dance faculty so outstanding, it seems quite a challenge to replace teachers of that caliber. I'm sure a lot of people want to hear who the new faculty member(s) will be.

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Amy's Mom posted this on the Mom and Dad's thread: SI reports.

My daughter just finished her first SI at Arizona Ballet School. ..I can't say what next year will look like, because the director has accepted a position with North Carolina School of the Arts, and will be leaving at the end of the summer.

The Arizona Ballet School lists this information about their director

Kee-Juan Han, School Director

Kee Juan Han has directed the school since 1993. His dance career began in his native Singapore where he began training at age ten with Florrie Sinclair and Goh Soo Khim. Upon graduation from the Australian Ballet School, he was invited to dance with the Sydney Dance Company, then with the Goh Ballet in Canada where he was also trained to teach the Vaganova method. He also danced with the Indianapolis Ballet Theater and was a soloist with the Boston Ballet. He has danced most of the principal roles in the classical repertoire, as well as ballets by Balanchine and modern works by Jose Limon, Mark Morris, Ralph Lemon and Bebe Miller.

Mr. Han's international teaching experiences include guest teaching at the Singapore Dance Theater, Edmonton Ballet Academy, Sydney Dance Company, Austin Ballet Academy, Boston Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Company, Vail International Summer of Dance Festival, and the prestigious Jackson International Ballet Summer School.

In addition to being the Director of the Arizona Ballet School, Mr. Han is the Director of the Dance Program for the Arizona School for the Arts.


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Wasn't Hallberg's scholarship to the POB school his Prix de Lausanne award? He was also an ABT entrant (with Michele Wiles) in the Bruhn competition. They won.

David did not participate in Prix de Lausanne.I thought he went to POB as a paying foreign student and not on scholarship.

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