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Joaquin de luz


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Manon, if anyone wants to talk about De Luz's dancing, that's fine (and I'm going to move this topic over to the Dancers forum) BUT please, no discussion or speculation about his future or his career. Please -- and this is for everyone -- read our gossip rules.

This is the time of year when contracts are negotiated and rumors fly. Some are true, some are not. Several years ago, there were rumors that a dancer had signed a contract with another company. This was posted on the net; the dancer had not told his present company. The contract fell through. The dancer was fired. Not that we need a reason, but that's one.

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Guest yardred

I saw him do Puck in "the Dream" last summer and I was very impressed. His stature might limit him to certain roles but SO WHAT. He was awesome.

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I would have to agree. I think he is by far one of the best dancers at ABT. And I do not think a smaller stature should limit the roles you get cast in. His talent and personality makes him stand out in every role he dances. Some of the taller male dancers are good partners, but as dancers they do nothing for me. I guess I will just become a subscriber to whatever company he dances for. Does anyone know what dates he will be dancing for the rest of the Met season? I have only received a partial cast list for the performances.

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Unfortunately, ABT only releases principal casting, so the only date DeLuz is on the casting sheet for is this coming Wednesday Matinee (Fille Mal Gardee).

I'm sure he'll be doing solo roles in some of the other full length productions, but you'll just have to keep an eye/ear out for the exact casting.


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