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National Strike!!

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Oh no-ooooooo! Just when I felt relieved to obtain a ticket for the first night of Bejart pro., the news came in! Due to a scheduled national strike there'll be no performance on the 13th May! I am still hoping to catch a performance on the following day, the 14th though.... I'm aware this question is not about ballet, but would any one advise me whether or not I should travel on this day at all? As, if Air France cannot refund my ticket then I should fly on the 13th anyway - on a day of a national strike does Paris become an absolute no-go-area? No public transport; national institutions and all the shops will be closed and so forth?

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Well, Naoko, I don't think shops will be closed, but otherwise, there will be I think a lot of problems with public transport, and I'm afraid that the strike may affect Air France and your plane. One of the solutions ( if you are able to catch your plane )would be (if you can afford it) to rent a room in a hotel near the airport or to take a cab from the airport to your hotel, but it's expensive, and it's not something I would do because I assume that the traffic in Paris will be difficult because of the demonstrations in the streets...

I hope someone will provide you with some better advices, but here are my thoughts...

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Well, it depends what time, but usually, it's very difficult. No or very few public transports, which also means less taxis because everyone is using them or their own car, which slows down the traffic terribly. Depneds what time you arrive and how you wanted to leave the airport. In january, I went to see paquita with a friend, and the public transports had a surprise strike, so I had to beg my father to bring us, but we still arrived late and missed the beginning:mad: and then, we couldn't come back, and started waiting for a taxi, until my father got so annoyed that he came and picked us up at 2 in the morning (the performance finished at 9:30) because we were still waiting for a taxi! However, this is not a surprise strike, so people will probably take their cars , and it will be OK for taxis, so if you have to come on tuesday, no panic (unless it's rush hour), but if you can come on another day, then try to, it would be easier, and less stress, which would spoil your stay, and you won't enjoy the performances as much. Shops should be open, since it should only be civil servants on strike (I think). But, apart from transports, there's nothing I can think of which gets so annoying when there's a strike.

Good luck!


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Thanks Cygneblanc and Su-lian for kind advice. Air France has still insisted no change/cancellation should occur to the flight I'll be taking. Naturally I'm not thrilled to fly on the day if no means to get into central Paris are secured. I'll check with Air France about their bus services linking Roissy- Paris will be available as usual on the day.

Su-lian, what a horrible experience you had to go through - as for me I am staying in central area of the town (an advantage of tourists!) so can rely on my foot moving about the town....

About the ticket - Have been unable to get throught to POB so will have to try again tomorrow.... Their recorded message is saying that on the day of a strike they will be there to exchange tickets, etc. Could this be true?

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