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Vera Volkova biography

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A long awaited biography of the Russian ballet teacher Vera Volkova is to be released in 2004. Author Alexander Meinertz.

There is now a very fine web site about the project:


Vera Volkova was of enormous importance for Danish ballet and I am really looking forward to this book. I hope it will be a good follow up to Alexandra's Kronstam work.

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Thanks, Jorgen. One of the hidden Volkova stories -- something that's been virtually ignored in histories of British ballet -- is her influence there. She worked in London for most of the 1940s and coached Fonteyn in her big classical roles. Many gave Volkova credit for Fonteyn's polish. She also gave classes taken by most of Sadler's Wells ballet (and Ashton, who became a friend).

I hope anyone with an interest in the Mariinsky will look at the site and read the "Letters" page for Volkova's letters to a friend recounting a visit to St. Petersburg after being away for 40 years. I think they're quite beautiful, as well as being a fascinating description of a city and a company.

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