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Sansom on Bausch's Kontakthof ?

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sorry to disappoint you, but i know nothing about this! ;)

that's why i'm posting - to maybe hear some information from anyone who HAS read this article in the new issue of DANCE NOW.... - mind sharing a bit?

also in this SPRING 2003 issue (apparently):

Jonathan Cope in conversation with Debra Craine

The legendary Olga Spessivtseva by Jane Simpson

Relationships in Mayerling by Jann Parry

Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker! by Keith Watson

Mark Morris in Britain by Jenny Gilbert

Twyla Tharp on Broadway by Allen Robertson

Violette Verdy in conversation with Gia Kourlas

Scènes de Ballet by John Percival

Pina Bausch's Kontaktof by Bruce Sansom

it all sounds interesting.

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was just curious to hear his views on such an unlikely subject!

for starters i didn't know it was a review, so you have already told me something! :)

i thought it could have been some sort of reflective article on bausch's style, ...or something like that.

when in england, i used to get a historical magazine that came out through dancebooks, from a dance history society - that was very good, quite academic...but i think it had a different title. i'll have a look later...

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grace, it's quite a long review of Kontakthof, which was shown in London earlier this season. Kontakthof, as you probably know, is the work in which all the performers are over 65, with no previous stage experience, and it's particularly interesting to read the feelings of a dancer watching untrained bodies.

It's the third piece Bruce Sansom has done for DanceNow - he wrote about Requiem in a recent issue foucsing on the works of Kenneth macMillan, and also a long piece on his experience of working in America with San Francisco Ballet and at the Vilar Institute for Arts Management.

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thanks for that info, jane. i imagine that all these articles would be of interest, but especially the SF one, and as you say, the dancer's responses to viewing old and untrained bodies in performance. thank you very much for following through on this thread. :)

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