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  1. Looking at the schedule, they have now replaced Concerto DSCH with Russian Season on all of the Ratmansky Robbins performances, not just the Stafford farewell.  This  is the third time they have changed this program. I like DSCH much better than Russian Seasons.  These multiple changes of the program is annoying.  By accident, I am now slated to attend the Abi Stafford farewell.   


    I hope all of these retirements mean that some deserving soloists move up to principal.

  2. The Broadway League has announced that anyone attending any Broadway show must provide proof of vaccination. Mayor DeBlasio is considering whether the health department will mandate proof of vaccination for entry into restaurants and bars.


    It's time for NYCB to step up and impose a vaccination requirement, in my opinion.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Kathleen O'Connell said:

    Wouldn't it be possible to require vaccination of everyone over 12?  One way to protect those who can't be vaccinated—e.g., children under 12—is to ensure that those who can be vaccinated are vaccinated. 

    I don't think that would accomplish the goal of enhancing safety.  It is the un-vaccinated who pose significant  danger of spreading the disease. 

  4. Since a significant portion of NYCB's income would be lost if they required proof of vaccination (ie, no kids under 12), I think they will not require proof of vaccination unless Cuomo orders that all indoor venues for performing arts have this requirement.  This is obviously a big issue for things like Radio City Christmas Show, the Nutcracker and other programs where kids make up a significant portion of the audience. 


    Personally, I think NYCB should just reduce the number of Nutcracker shows, and use some of that performance calendar time for rep programs.

  5. On 7/13/2021 at 10:24 PM, volcanohunter said:

    The company could easily exempt children from the requirement.


    Any audience member who cannot prove he has been vaccinated is barred from entering the Met Opera. 

    NYCB talks a good game about protecting the audience, but if that protection was really the goal they too would ban people who are not vaccinated from the theater. This will not happen because their Nutcracker sales would tank.  Kids under 12, who are not presently eligible to take the vaccine , are the bread and butter of Nutcracker ticket sales. 

  6. If I'm reading the press release correctly, they are planning on using the sets (and costume?)s from a 1987 production of Giselle  used in the film Dancers.  That is different from the version they regularly use  at the MET.  I presume this is because the sets they use at the MET don't fit on the stage of the Koch.

    I've been doing a little reading up on the 1987 production and sets, and the press I have found seemed to be very negative about this production.  Anyone recall the 1987 production?

    Since there are six Giselle shows, I presume there will be three casts - Hee Seo, Boylston for sure.

    The rest of the rep is deeply disappointing.  The only ballet I will make an effort to see is Pillar, but only if Murphy is playing Hagar.  It is one of her best roles.


  7. 3 minutes ago, California said:


    Are they saying what counts as proof? The CDC cards we have are easily forged, as I understand. I am on a voluntary state-run database of vaccines that I can pull up on on my phone (with data submitted by my health care provider), but not all states have that.


    Here is what the email says:

    To support this goal, everyone coming to Carnegie Hall will be required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization in order to enter the building.


    There is no info on the documentation required to prove the vaccine.   They are also getting rid of intermissions through December 2021, and program times are limited to 90 minutes through December 2021.  Since there is almost nothing scheduled during 2021 (except a Jonas Kaufmann concert in October), this doesn't really make  much difference.  Anyway, I fully expect Mr. Kaufmann to cancel, as he usually does.

  8. 2 hours ago, Balletwannabe said:

    I'm really confused how taking away intermission increases safety.  

    I agree. It's absurd that they think spending time on the promenade during intermission is somehow more dangerous than being in an enclosed auditorium for the performance. If they really wanted to increase safety, they would require proof of vaccination for all audience members.  This is what some Broadway shows are doing.  However, that would be a disaster for their bottom line since kids under 12 are their bread and butter for Nutcracker. 

  9. I suspect there will be pauses of about 5 minutes between each piece. We'll see

    I think this will cause a lot of parading in and out of the auditorium during the performance, and problems for the ushers.   People who  must use the restroom are going to leave and expect to be let back into the auditorium.

  10. FYI, the NY Philharmonic also announced that there will be no intermissions.  I hope people have strong bladders.  The end of the show will see unprecedented bathroom lines. I wonder if they will continue their prior policy of opening the theater an hour before curtain time at the Koch Theater.

    I didn't really care about the social aspect for the Philharmonic because I usually don't know anyone there except my husband.  In contrast, at NYCB I usually know many people and speaking to friends at intermission is part of the joy of attending the show.  I will certainly miss seeing friends at intermission on the Promenade, especially since I have not seen most of these friends since  February 2020.

    The only plus here is that everyone will get home early, and we  will not be forced to sit through any more See the Music lectures.


  11. I think some of the vitriol directed at Osipova was based on cumulative experiences with her, and that this episode was the last straw.  She has a long and extensive history of  cancellations for flimsy reasons at the Mikhalovsky (spelling?) and elsewhere. 

  12. Maybe if Osipova has called him directly and offered a reasonable explanation instead of having her fiance make the call things would have gone more smoothly?

  13. The partnership of Cornejo and Lane goes back much further than just their work at ABT.  If memory serves, when Angel Corella had his own company in Spain, he hired Cornejo and Lane to dance together in Swan Lake on tour.  This was when Lane was still a soloist. (I can't recall if Cornejo was still a soloist at that time.)  It is sad that this happened. 

    I'm still holding out hope that after McKenzie leaves maybe Lane can do a farewell as a guest artist on the Met stage.


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