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  1. 21 minutes ago, MoMo said:

    I feel the need to respond to this inquiry. The phrase “putting someone named Petersen”, as if she was a stranger . Stephanie Petersen (née Williams ) was married during the pandemic and also had a baby in February. This off time during the pandemic was a horrible experience for everyone. I think it is brave of her to work hard and come back and perform after so long. It is said she did very well, even though she was probably nervous. Brava to her! 

    I had no idea that Stephanie Petersen was actually Stephanie Williams with a new last name until someone on this board pointed it out. 

    Actually, my point was more about the fact that McKenzie now has only  a few soloists, many of whom are not suitable to do a lead role when needed.  It's nice that he decided to promote Fang and Paris up to soloist at the very late stage of their careers, but the result is that when McKenzie finds himself in need of a capable soloist  for a secondary lead role, they cannot step in to fill the gap. 

  2. 9 hours ago, fondoffouettes said:

    The brisés seem to make more sense dramatically, the way they are directed on a diagonal toward Myrtha. It feels like Albrecht is imploring Myrtha for mercy. 

    It does seems like the Koch stage limits the number of brisés that can be performed. I think Cornejo did four at first, then three in the second round. It felt like there was extra music left over after he'd finished the brisés.

    Yes, that's exactly what happened.  Cornejo ran out of stage space so he had to improvise while the rest of the music played.  Similarly, in Act I, when Brandt did those incredible hops on pointe across the stage she had a few beats of music left but no more stage space. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, JuliaJ said:

    Just my opinion but it's totally nuts to have any dancers in masks. If they've been exposed, they should not be in the theater at all. That's what understudies are for. NYCB managed to do a full four-week season -- and when cases were slightly higher in the city than they are now -- without a single mask onstage. 

    So does anyone think that the two little boys on the wine harvest cart were 12 or over?  They looked too small to be at least 12.  Why endanger their health if they are unvaccinated?


    As for the masked dancers, it was distracting.  If they were exposed to Covid, they should isolate, not appear on stage masked.   

  4. Hee Seo was lovely last night.  She is a lyrical dancer, and Giselle is a good fit for her.   I was disappointed with Stearns' Act II solo.  He was underwhelming.  His jumps had no buoyancy and very little elevation. 

    The Koch stage looked very cramped.  I'm pretty sure they were using fewer Wilis in Act II because the stage was too small, but maybe others can confirm that.  They also cut down the number of peasant girls who were dancing from 8 to 6 due to space problems.

    Hoven looked  a little out of sorts last night in the peasant pas.  He couldn't land in fifth position.   Williams was excellent in the peasant pas.

    I thought Teuscher started out a little sluggish, but she quickly dialed up her energy level and was wonderful in her big solo moments.  Fang and Paris did Zulma and Moyna.

    This performance was not particularly well attended.  Large numbers of empty seats in the second and third rings. 

    McKenzie gave a short opening speech welcoming the audience.



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  6. 41 minutes ago, maps said:

    Koch is no under 12 and NYCB had no closures.  Could Nutcracker have impacts based on audience composition?  Compare Broadway runs - Aladdin closures to no Springsteen closures.  Jujamcyn allows under 12 with negative tests.  Springsteen on Broadway FAQs | Jujamcyn Theaters  Breakthrough COVID Cases Temporarily Close Curtains on Broadway’s Aladdin | Vanity Fair



    I have to wonder about why Aladdin closed but there have been no other closures based on breakthrough Covid.  I think Disney took a more proactive role in testing even though everyone was vaccinated.  I'm guessing that most organizations are assuming that since everyone is vaccinated, they are not engaging in any additional testing for Covid.  Don't ask don't tell.  If you don't feel well stay home until you feel better, but we are not requiring you to go get a Covid test or to tell us the results of any such test.

  7. 10 hours ago, GB1216 said:

    Heather watts posted a picture with Carla Korbes quoting that Maria had brought them all together.  I think she was one of the dancers that we can’t identify.  Not 100% sure of course.

    and yes curious about the three missing! I noticed that neither Bouder nor Lovette posted either. 

    also what a long way Tiler Peck and Robbie Fairchild have come.  I know Tiler did not come for Robbie’s farewell but they were on the same stage last night for Maria’s farewell.  What a tangled web backstage - former marriages, former in laws, new gfs - all in the same place! 

    Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild will  both appear in  Twyla Tharp's program at City Center in November.  However, they will not be dancing together.

  8. I couldn't identify everyone  of the alumni that came out.  The list included Jock Soto, Damien Woetzel, Charles Askegard, Justin Peck, Edward LIaang, Robbie Fairchild, and I believe Jason Fowler.  What a glorious ballerina.  Maria will be missed.


    Forgot to add Chris Wheeldon and Stella Abrera.

  9. 22 minutes ago, cobweb said:

    Good to know I'm not the only one! What was the timing on that, how long is La Valse?

    As I finish up a long week of work and multiple performances, I'm actually thinking that the only thing I really need to see tonight is Chaconne, so I might do the same thing, and slip in after Rotunda. 

    I think La Valse ended at abut 8:05 last night.

  10. Roman Mejia soared last night in Other Dances.  He and Peck made a great couple and had wonderful chemistry.  Mejia's elevation and positions in the air were breathtaking.  More More More of him please. 

    Unity had great depth in After the Rain.  Lovely lines and extensions.   It was a very strong debut.  She and Chamblee worked well together.

    Megan LeCrone had a mishap.  The mishap was In the section where she has to remain on pointe unsupported while her two male partners change places for a brief second. She managed to fall over to her right side.  I've seen a lot of Agon over the years, and I've seen women come off pointe in this section, but completely falling down is definitely a first.  Run the blooper reel.


  11. 29 minutes ago, cobweb said:

    I thought Sara Mearns was perfectly glorious in Chaconne last night.


    Yes, I agree completely.  The only reason that I bought this ticket was to see her in Chaconne and she was thrilling .  Janzen was also very good, but he does not have a go for broke approach like Mearns.

    I would love to see Gordon take on the male lead in Chaconne someday. 





  12. Just now, fondoffouettes said:

    I miss dinners from Epicerie Boulud! I wish they'd bring back their evenings hours. I also found that Le Pain Quotidien closes early now, too. Any suggestions for other grab-and-go options in the immediate area? It's good to know that the bar at the theater isn't offering sandwiches.

    Breads Bakery stays open, but by the evening they have sold out of most things. 

    Now that the opera house is open again, I'm not sure why the Epicerie continues to close at 4:30PM.   

  13. 4 hours ago, Drew said:

    But farewells do seem to have a script of sorts and I guess it seems unfortunate to me--and even unprofessional--that everyone isn't able to rise to the occasion of following them. 



    Yes, this was completely unprofessional on the parts of both J. Staford and Whelan.  Even if Staford has some personal dispute going on with his sister, he had a duty to behave as the leader of a company and do the right thing.  And Whelan has no excuse for not showing up.  I was never a fan of Abi, but this conduct on the part of management is petty.

  14. 5 hours ago, On Pointe said:

    I have worked with a number of lawyers, some straight out of law school,  and some with a few years under their belts.  Stress and anxiety are constant factors in their work.  And they are expected to put in as many hours as a NYCB principal.  I think it's wonderful that Abi Stafford has a law degree.   But if she was plagued by crippling anxiety in the dance world,  it is unlikely to get better at a New York law firm.  (Luckily there are many other positions in the business world where a law degree is an asset.)   The kind of treatment she advocated in the Dance Magazine article is beyond the purview of an employer.  Those suffering it require intensive therapy.  In reality people of artistic temperament are prone to suffer bouts of anxiety about their work. They aren't the only ones.

    I agree completely with this.  Speaking from my own experience, a career as a lawyer is very stressful and competitive.  The hours are long and for the most part people running law firms are unpleasant. It's probably on the list of among the lowest ranked occupations for job satisfaction.  I hope Abi has a more satisfying career than the majority of people who practice law.

  15. Maria K in Agon was THE highlight of the evening.  She was commanding and daring.  In a word - exquisite.  Wendy Whelan used to own this role at NYCB, but Maria over the years has developed her own take on the role that, in my opinion, is much more sensually charged.   Just amazing.  So glad I got to see her again in this role.  Amar was a good partner, but for me he fades into the background compared to Maria.  Jock Soto was the last person in the role who I thought made an equal impression with his ballerina in Agon.  

    I did not like Megan LeCrone.  Her movements were clipped as she tried to keep up with the music.  Please get someone else for this role already.  She's been doing it for years but hasn't improved in it.

    Huxley was terrific, as was Hod. 

    La Valse is not a great ballet, but I enjoyed it.  Gordon was a last minute replacement for Taylor Stanley.  He was very elegant.

    Other Dances was well done, especially by Tiler Peck.  Personally, I can't wait to see what Mejia will do next week. 

    Now for After the Rain.  Lauren Lovette is way too short for this role.  The main value of this little pas is to see miraculous extensions of long limbs.  The fact that Lovette was paired with a very tall dancer only highlighted Lovette's short limbs.  Plus they had no evident rapport.  

    It's a week too early to say goodbye to Maria.  As I savored her Agon performance in my mind when I returned home, I realized that although many principal ballerinas have retired from NYCB, Maria belongs in the Pantheon of greats along with Wendy Whelan and Kyra Nichols.  She was and is a very special dancer, and I'm glad I got to see her from her days in the corps through the present.  From her comedic instincts in a role like Titania or in Slaughter, to her angular and spectacular performance in Agon, she has left us with unforgettable performances.





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