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  1. Roman Mejia soared last night in Other Dances.  He and Peck made a great couple and had wonderful chemistry.  Mejia's elevation and positions in the air were breathtaking.  More More More of him please. 

    Unity had great depth in After the Rain.  Lovely lines and extensions.   It was a very strong debut.  She and Chamblee worked well together.

    Megan LeCrone had a mishap.  The mishap was In the section where she has to remain on pointe unsupported while her two male partners change places for a brief second. She managed to fall over to her right side.  I've seen a lot of Agon over the years, and I've seen women come off pointe in this section, but completely falling down is definitely a first.  Run the blooper reel.


  2. 29 minutes ago, cobweb said:

    I thought Sara Mearns was perfectly glorious in Chaconne last night.


    Yes, I agree completely.  The only reason that I bought this ticket was to see her in Chaconne and she was thrilling .  Janzen was also very good, but he does not have a go for broke approach like Mearns.

    I would love to see Gordon take on the male lead in Chaconne someday. 





  3. Just now, fondoffouettes said:

    I miss dinners from Epicerie Boulud! I wish they'd bring back their evenings hours. I also found that Le Pain Quotidien closes early now, too. Any suggestions for other grab-and-go options in the immediate area? It's good to know that the bar at the theater isn't offering sandwiches.

    Breads Bakery stays open, but by the evening they have sold out of most things. 

    Now that the opera house is open again, I'm not sure why the Epicerie continues to close at 4:30PM.   

  4. 4 hours ago, Drew said:

    But farewells do seem to have a script of sorts and I guess it seems unfortunate to me--and even unprofessional--that everyone isn't able to rise to the occasion of following them. 



    Yes, this was completely unprofessional on the parts of both J. Staford and Whelan.  Even if Staford has some personal dispute going on with his sister, he had a duty to behave as the leader of a company and do the right thing.  And Whelan has no excuse for not showing up.  I was never a fan of Abi, but this conduct on the part of management is petty.

  5. 5 hours ago, On Pointe said:

    I have worked with a number of lawyers, some straight out of law school,  and some with a few years under their belts.  Stress and anxiety are constant factors in their work.  And they are expected to put in as many hours as a NYCB principal.  I think it's wonderful that Abi Stafford has a law degree.   But if she was plagued by crippling anxiety in the dance world,  it is unlikely to get better at a New York law firm.  (Luckily there are many other positions in the business world where a law degree is an asset.)   The kind of treatment she advocated in the Dance Magazine article is beyond the purview of an employer.  Those suffering it require intensive therapy.  In reality people of artistic temperament are prone to suffer bouts of anxiety about their work. They aren't the only ones.

    I agree completely with this.  Speaking from my own experience, a career as a lawyer is very stressful and competitive.  The hours are long and for the most part people running law firms are unpleasant. It's probably on the list of among the lowest ranked occupations for job satisfaction.  I hope Abi has a more satisfying career than the majority of people who practice law.

  6. Maria K in Agon was THE highlight of the evening.  She was commanding and daring.  In a word - exquisite.  Wendy Whelan used to own this role at NYCB, but Maria over the years has developed her own take on the role that, in my opinion, is much more sensually charged.   Just amazing.  So glad I got to see her again in this role.  Amar was a good partner, but for me he fades into the background compared to Maria.  Jock Soto was the last person in the role who I thought made an equal impression with his ballerina in Agon.  

    I did not like Megan LeCrone.  Her movements were clipped as she tried to keep up with the music.  Please get someone else for this role already.  She's been doing it for years but hasn't improved in it.

    Huxley was terrific, as was Hod. 

    La Valse is not a great ballet, but I enjoyed it.  Gordon was a last minute replacement for Taylor Stanley.  He was very elegant.

    Other Dances was well done, especially by Tiler Peck.  Personally, I can't wait to see what Mejia will do next week. 

    Now for After the Rain.  Lauren Lovette is way too short for this role.  The main value of this little pas is to see miraculous extensions of long limbs.  The fact that Lovette was paired with a very tall dancer only highlighted Lovette's short limbs.  Plus they had no evident rapport.  

    It's a week too early to say goodbye to Maria.  As I savored her Agon performance in my mind when I returned home, I realized that although many principal ballerinas have retired from NYCB, Maria belongs in the Pantheon of greats along with Wendy Whelan and Kyra Nichols.  She was and is a very special dancer, and I'm glad I got to see her from her days in the corps through the present.  From her comedic instincts in a role like Titania or in Slaughter, to her angular and spectacular performance in Agon, she has left us with unforgettable performances.





  7. 31 minutes ago, BalanchineFan said:

    There was a post on Unity Phelan's IG stories, it's just disappeared, that said the dancers who were promoted would all be performing "tonight" in Western Symphony.

    There were a lot of debuts in Western last night - Sanz, Laracey.  I'm not sure what the above post means in relation to those dancers.

  8. What an excellent performance of Western Symphony tonight.  All of the debuts were excellent.  Bouder nailed all of her Italian fouettes.  Roman Mejia and Phelan were marvelous. 

    The less said about the rest of the program the better.  These new ballets come across as much more boring on second viewing.

  9. Peck has a good track record, with some misses but many hits.  Though not my cup of tea, The Times are Racing  is generally highly regarded.  So is Year of the Rabbit.  I also thought a work he did for Miami City Ballet was very good. (I can't recall the name of the work.) It's more than luck.  He has talent.  I think some of his recent works have suffered because he is stretched too thin.

  10. I have to wonder about the direction the new works are going, and how Wendy Whelan's personal taste is driving the choreographers who are selected.  More and more we are seeing modern dance choreographers who don't work in the idiom of ballet getting commissions from NYCB.

  11. While the new ballets were not works I would seek out in future rep performances, I also did not think they were the worst ballets I've ever seen at NYCB (That distinction belongs to "Call Me Ben.)  These choreographers have limited or no ballet vocabulary, and the steps are repetitive.  The number of unsold seats was staggering.  Second ring looked about 40 percent sold, and first ring about 50 percent  

    The bright spot of course was Western Symphony.  Lauren King and Ask LaCour were joyous in the first movement.  Lovette was adorable, but she could not manage any of the Italian Fouettes required for her part.  I had flashbacks to her awful performance in Swan Lake's 3rd act.   Emily Kikta was terrific in the final movement.  She just needs a little more sass. 

  12. 19 minutes ago, GB1216 said:

    Is slaughter a role that Kowroski is known for? I always associate her more with diamonds and such. 

    and also DGV? I’m assuming it was made on her.  

    No.  DGV was originally made for the Royal Ballet.  I think Maria wants to make sure she pays tribute to Wheeldon, who played an important role in her career and gave her the opportunity to work with his company Morphoses during its brief  but glorious existence.

  13. Fascinating casting.  I think they have always had high hopes for LaFreniere, but she was injured for so many years that she fell behind.  She was radiant in the first movement of Glass Pieces last night (as was Nadon).   Glad to see Mejia is also getting some new work to do.

    I had never seen Chan before last night.  He's a keeper.  Beautiful dancer.

    Loved Unity last week in Glass Pieces. 

    Come on, announce some promotions already!!







  14. 13 hours ago, canbelto said:

    What I noticed about Angle was not his baldness but how tepid his dancing has become. He was never the strongest virtuoso but now it's as if he simply partners and marks the actual dancing.

    Yes, I noticed that too.  Maybe he needs some time to get back in the groove after the pandemic. 

  15. I used to read Sara Mearns' instagram.   She once mentioned that Ratmansky approached her after a performance and commented on her hair.  There were some hairs out of place or frizzy - something like that.   I think intense scrutiny of women should also apply to the men.  There is a double standard here. 

    As an audience member, I found Tyler Angle's baldness very distracting.  In the past when Ethan Steifel dyed his hair super blond at ABT many years ago it was also distracting.

    Once you start allowing people to be themselves on stage with beards, mustaches, mohawks, visible tattoos  or whatever, these personal choices start distracting from  the performance.

  16. While I agree in theory that Angle should be allowed to appear with a shaved  head if that's his preference, I found it a little distracting.  Maybe I'll get used to it as the season  continues.  He also shaved his head for the Saratoga shows this summer.

    It was a very special evening.  The first round of clapping actually began after the audience could hear the dancers clapping behind the curtain before the first ballet.  Every ballet received multiple curtain calls. 

    I didn't realize they were selling food on the promenade.  Makes no sense from a health perspective, but it makes sense economically.  A vendor pays the theater for the rights to sell food.

    I have to point out in particular that Joseph Gordon rocked the house with his stellar technique in the first movement of Symphony in C.


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