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  1. I think it may have been Ben Stevenson's Three Preludes but I'm not 100% certain as choreography for the film is attributed to Graeme Murphy. I would be surprised if the dance scenes were CGI (apart from using computers to slomo the action) - Chi really is that spectacular! Thank you very much!
  2. I saw the film last night and I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the pas de deux that Li dances when he first meets the Houston Ballet Company where he and the ballerina dance around and on the barre. At one point, he holds her aloft and she dances en pointe on the barre. It was so lovely.
  3. Here to echo what everyone has already said about Osipova and to add that her comic timing is genius and better than many actors out there today. I really enjoyed Simkin and Misty Copeland as the gypsies. This is a pairing I would like to see again in the future. Naturally I would love to see Simkin as Basilio, paired with Osipova!
  4. I attended yesterday's matinee hoping to see Stella Abera as Gamzatti but that dreaded little white slip was in my Playbill to tell me that was not to be. Hee Seo was a lovely replacement though, so I really cannot complain as you can tell her future is as bright as the sun. Kingdom of the Shades is still the most transcendent ten minutes in all of ballet.
  5. I saw ABT II last week and Pavlovsk was transcendent! Brittany Degrofft is destined to be a star.
  6. This is happy news, Veronika Part will be a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday, July 9th! Moderator note: I split this off from the earlier Veronika Part thread. Please post your responses to the Letterman interview, when it occurs, HERE. Bart.
  7. I've seen many 'Giselles' but I never saw what I saw last night: Giselle grew up and got over the guy! I found Osipova's peasant Giselle to be the girl who was always the best looking girl in the village, probably the smartest, certainly the best dancer but she always told to put a lid on her abilities by a mother who feared for her supposedly fragile heart and to not upstage any of her potential suitors. The moment where Giselle goes to Myrtha with the flowers to plead for Albrecht's life, it happened: she realized that Myrtha was as stuck as she used to be, just doing something for the sake of doing it and Giselle was over that and she simply said "Fine, who needs you, I'll save this guy myself and when I'm done, I'm taking these Wilis and we're outta here." She saves Albrecht but she's no longer in love with him, wishes him well and says good bye because she has found a purpose and that's to put an end to the senseless violence that has been plaguing the forest. Granted, I hate tragedy and I like looking at things from a more hopeful angle, so this could just be my feminist, optimistic self coming through but I found it to be a marvelous performance by Osipova and ended things on a much brighter note.
  8. According to Nikki Finke, Disney is attempting to trademark the name 'Princess Aurora'. If successful, it would control all future performances of the ballet. You can read more here.
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