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  1. I danced "The Good-Humoured Ladies" in 2000. It was the first time the ballet had been performed in full since '62 and the artistic director had to reconstruct it from Labanotation he received from the Royal Ballet. Massine ballets use a lot of "dancing pantomime" whereas traditional ballet has separate dancing sections and separate pantomime sections. While probably upsetting to people that just like watching dance for dance sake and don't like dancing contaminated with mime, Massine ballets are very satisfying to perform. After all, he manages to squeeze the story of a 3 act ballet into
  2. I hear he prefers to be called "The Artist formerly known as Prince Florimund." He now goes by an unpronounceable symbol similar to the maker marks on the bottom of Freed shoes. ;-)
  3. Well this is the version I was coached on by a dancer who danced with the Royal Ballet during the De Valois / Ashton transition. It is not the current Royal version. I believe the only arm fluttering at Florina does is after the assemble with her back toward the audience and before the promenade in seconde. Then again at the end of the pas before the bluebird lift when Florine lets go of the Bluebird's hand and balances in second. The girls have a separate variations coach, so I will not be setting Florine's variation, so I don't know if they will retain any of the fluttering there. Howev
  4. Yes, in the original story, her name is Florine. However, the version of the fairytale I've heard is different and comes from a book of French Fairy Tales. Princess Florine's step-mother is an evil Queen (like in Snow White) who has an ugly daughter named Troutina. The Evil Queen invites princes and suitors to meet Troutina, but they are always captivated by Florine. A particular prince meets Florine and pledges his love to her. This infuriates the Evil Queen, so she sends a fake message Florine to the Prince asking him to meet her at her window. He meets her and tells Florine that he woul
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