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  1. I saw the show friday night. Sorry this response is so late, but I saw a lot of great things and I'd like to share. Friday night- violin concerto- I thought laura urgelles was beautiful. And Maki Onuki also. I liked their interpretations and I enjoyed watching them. The corps looked pretty good, I wasnt wowed, and it certainly wasnt like NYCB, but I liked it. there where- i thought the singers were a little distracting, but then again they make the ballet, and I loved it anyway. The end pas was just stunning. Erin Mahoney is so elegant and confident in her performance. rite of spring-My favorite!!!!!!!! Trey is a genius, I have always loved his ballets and this is definitely one of my favorites. The way he uses the dancers, the sets, the costumes, the music, is just amazing. The corps really moved well in the huge black skirts and Erin Mahoney and Laura Urgelles again blew me away. You could really tell how attached to the role they were, and the way they used their bodies was so great to watch. Johnathan Jordan also did well, he was very confident in his movement and was right on. I thought the choreography was great, I know other people here didnt think so, but I think the way Trey puts everything together and just his overall style is so unique and he is such a big part of the dance world today. I wish there was a live orchestra-maybe in a couple of years.-did anyone see the kids gala-i think it was sat. matinee??
  2. Is septime doing his own version of giselle or is it the original choreography? Also is his nutcracker just being performed at the kennedy center or is the company touring somewhere else?
  3. I thought this might be an interesting topic dancers with houston ballet 2 who graduated this past year(2004) : 7 dancers went on to Texas Ballet theatre 1 joined ballet met 4 joined houston ballet 1 joined washington ballet 1 joined state street ballet 1 joined atlanta ballet its so interesting where dancers go after their training and to see how they grow as artists at all these different ballet companies. Feel free to comment!!
  4. Broomhead is a wonderful teacher. He gives such great classes and he really inspires. Especially his wacked out extension which is incredible. And the way he demonstrates combinations in the center, its almost as if you dont want him to stop! The Artistic staff is very lucky to have him, as well as Maina who is a fabulous teacher and coach. ** I wish the season for next year was different, but the only thing I am looking forward to seeing is Christopher Bruces piece. After seeing Ghost Dances I have fallen in love with his choreography and movement.
  5. I saw opening night of balanchine celebration and I thought it was great. The corps seemed a little reserved but together in La Valse and Theme. If Barbara Bears wasnt dancing in La Valse I would have been falling asleep in my seat. She was radiant and just beautiful. I just love watching her , her artistry and grace blows me away. Apollo, however, I really really enjoyed. The cast was superb and I thought altogether it was wonderful. Bridgett Zehr couldn't have looked more stunning. She attracts the eye when dancing and I think the audience realized that. And Kelly Myernick was incredibly fierce. She looked great. Mimi was my favorite. She is always delightful and is just a pleasure to watch. I thought her and Andrew danced marvelously together. Theme and Variations was my absolute favorite of the night. Leticia is not only an extroirdinary performer but her technique is incredible. She was wonderful. In her variation, because of how tiny she is, the stage looked huge. But it just makes you want to keep your eyes on her the whole time. The pas danced by Leticia and Simon literally gave me goosebumps. I dont know whether it was the music or just them but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. She makes everything look so easy when actually Theme is extremely difficult. I was so impressed with the whole night, and I am hoping that Leticia will be promoted soon! Overall opening night was great. I am looking forward to see La fille.
  6. I recently saw Houston Ballet II's spring show and it was absolutly stunning. I was very impressed with the dancers and the pieces. Pricella Nathan Murphy's piece-Captive support - was incredible. All the dancers were barefoot and the audience went crazy. It was the best piece of the night- Peter Zweifel, Katie Scherman, Jessica Collado, and David Tyliae were stand outs. The lighting was very unique and overall I loved it. Student Peter Zweifel's piece- Inspiration of the Soul- was another crowd pleaser and the choreography was so intense and moving -I loved it. The last piece was Stanton Welch's piece- A Time to Dance- this was a fun piece- you could tell all of the dancers were enjoying themselves. There is 7 sections to this piece: a opening and a finale along with 2 pas de troix's, 1 solo, 7 guys, and a pas de duex. My favorites were the pas de duex-Peter Zweifel and Katie Scherman( it was so intimate and the too both had such chemistry and talent and Scherman was so delicate) and the first pas de troix- Connor Walsh, Sadie Black, and Emily Ramirez( it showed off great skill and talent on all three) The whole night was impressive and the teaching staff must be incredible!
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