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  1. Deeply saddened when I heard the shocking news. So very sorry that she passed away. Deepest condolences to her family and friends, and fans Years ago, I met Ann Reinking once. Took place at a dance center. She was so sweet and kind. I brave willingly asked her if she happened to be Ann Reinking. She simply responded with a YES nod, and wink and smile. So, then I complimented her wonderful movies, which I truly enjoyed, and talented performances, both as a dancer and actress. “Thank you”, Annie replied, flattered, with another sweet and kind smile. - A memorable moment to fondly rememb
  2. As a former dance student of Willy Burmann's, I'm extremely saddened to learn of his passing. Although it's years ago, approx. early to middle '80s, I still fondly remember him. He was a wonderful dance instructor, I enjoyed his Ballet classes, exploring & experiencing his amazing, unique Ballet techniques, his own creative styles, the BEST in the City. As much as I LOVED to DANCE, and study DANCE in variety, at the time, I was NEVER a Pro-Dancing Girl. With that said, it was an Honor to work w/ The Maestro. Prior to when The Maestro STEPPED in to join STEPS. However, as I STEPPED into
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