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  1. Thank you for responding ABT Fan and Josette! I guess Im going to wait too and hope that the everything will be fine by the time the spring season comes along. 😪
  2. I was hoping to make it to NY this year (I'm from LA) to watch Jane Eyre and Swan Lake. I just saw Of Love and Rage last weekend with Shevchenko/Forster and Seo/Bell and not performances were outstanding. ABT has canceled most of their tours because of the coronavirus. Does anyone think there's a chance the spring season might be canceled as well? I was planning on being tickets on the 22nd but now I don't know if I should wait or not. Any thoughts??
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to this website but I always love reading what you all have to say and thought i could join in I got to watch Shevchenko/Forster Saturday night and Seo/Bell sunday matinee. In general, I thought Of Love and Rage was spectacular. The story was very complex and there were so many characters and drama going on, it reminded me of Le Corsaire (one of my favorite ballets!). Beautiful score and I have to say I fell in love with the battle scene. It was astounding! The corps danced beautifully Saturday night but I noticed they were even better on the Sunday matinee. They were dancing in sync and you could really feel they were the narrative of the story. This was the first time that I ever saw Shevchenko dance live and I was left in awe. She was so graceful and made it all seem so effortless. Her emotions were so on pointe that I could not take my eyes off of her. Forster was as amazing as I expected him to be. Strong, high jumps and a perfect partner for Shevchenko. Hammoudi actually surprised me and was incredible on his solo. Clean jumps and very dominant on stage. In short, it was a wonderful show! I've seen Seo dance a few times by now and was never really captivated by her. This time around, she left me in awe with her performance. The easiness of her dancing, and emotions were spectacular. I am so glad I got to see her dance this role (probably the best I've ever seen her dance). Aran Bell was magnificent! Clean jumps, his lifts were incredible and his emotions were touching. Seo and Bell danced beautifully together, which I did not expect, since they really didn't have time to rehearse with another one. Their partnership might be one of my favorites at ABT right now. It was so beautiful I was crying by the time this show ended. I think this is definitely Ratmansky at his best!! Wishing Calvin a speedy recovery. Hope this is a good review...kinda nervous, since it's my first one. Feel free to comment everyone
  4. I know ABT normally announces who’s dancing three months before the show but for some reason they are taking longer with Of Love and Rage. Anyone has any idea when they will announce it? I’m waiting to buy tickets but starting to think I should just choose a date and take my chances...
  5. Do you know the dates for when Shevchenko and Forster are dancing? I would love to see them too!!
  6. Does anyone know when will casting be announced for this ballet? I'm trying to buy tickets for March in California but they still haven't announced the dancers. Really hoping to catch a Lane/Simkin show if it happens...
  7. American Ballet Theatre is doing a new Alexei Ratmansky ballet called Of Love And Rage. It will premiere in California in March. They will perform 5 shows from March 5-8. Does anyone know when they will be announcing cast for those performances?
  8. Hello, I am trying to buy tickets for Giselle in July of 2020 in California! The website says Marianela Nunez and David Hallberg will be the guest artists. Does anyone know which dates they will be performing or when they would be announcing it? https://www.musiccenter.org/tickets/events-by-the-music-center/Glorya-Kaufman-Dance/teatro-alla-scala/ Thanks!
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