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  1. Video on NYCB’s FB page of Kikta talking about her solo in the first movement of Brahms-Schoenberg. Kikta is a lovely dancer and one of my favorite tall corps women.
  2. Or a non blonde - Alston Macgill. She’s been my favorite petite dancer for several seasons now and I think she has star power!
  3. Also, hasn’t the Levin Award rotated between male/female dancers for some years now?
  4. Agree with both cobweb and abatt about Mejia! He was the most deserving recipient of the award. I thought the speech was too much before the performance last night. I find Baily Jones to be an adequate, but bland dancer and definitely not principal material. Perhaps the intention of the award has changed as cobweb suggested.
  5. And Macgill gets a debut in Polyphonia. Am I reading the casting correctly that she will be paired with Mejia? If yes, we finally get a partnership between one of the fabulous up and coming pint-sized dancers and Roman!!
  6. Agree with you on this! I like your description “pint-sized ladies.” Hopefully, we get a Roman/pint-sized lady pairing for winter season.
  7. I would have really liked to see dancers such as Emma Von Enck, Rachel Hutsell, or Alston McGill as Dewdrop or SPF. I don’t see why just Bailey Jones is a new Dewdrop. I find her performance so forced and I don’t like the faces she makes. Glad Tiler has returned. I wish I had made that performance. Also, happy to hear good reports of Emily Kikta. I’ve always really liked her. She seems very confident in the past year.
  8. I love Indiana Woodward. Did you see Macgill whip out that triple pirouette in Marzipan last night? It all looked effortless; any shakiness she had the first night on the hops was gone last night.
  9. I can see what you are saying about Unity Phelan and her dancing last night. I think it’s easy to get distracted by her beauty and how good she looks in the costume, but the dancing has to match that beauty.
  10. Disappointed to see so few debuts this year. The excitement of the SPF, Dewdrop, and Cavalier debuts make Nutcracker season special. I wonder how the dancers are feeling about the lack of these opportunities.
  11. Great show last night with Lovette as SPF and Phelan as Dewdrop. And I agree with Lauren (see her Instagram post below) that Alston Macgill nailed Marzipan lead!! Nutcracker magic is alive. Hoping Macgill gets a shot at Dewdrop in the last weeks. https://www.instagram.com/p/B56uT6YhO1_/?igshid=a4xhocqkt8q3
  12. I was at the show last night, as well. I did not even notice what you referenced with the hops - I was sitting orchestra close to stage. I thought Alston Macgill was lovely as Marzipan. Her performance quality reminds me of Indiana Woodward; they both seem truly happy to perform. It appears Macgill has at least three more lead Marzipans in the coming weeks. Macgill is absolutely my favorite dancer right now (Emma Von Enck is also a favorite) and it’s good to see Alston Macgill getting featured parts. It was great to see Alexa Maxwell back.
  13. I would love to see Alston Macgill as SPF or Dewdrop. She looked so strong last season. She is doing lead Marzipan the first Saturday evening show, which I am going to try to see.
  14. Woodward is ready to be a principal dancer. I would like to see Roman Mejia, Emily Kikta, and Alston Macgill get soloist promotions.
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