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  1. Woodward is ready to be a principal dancer. I would like to see Roman Mejia, Emily Kikta, and Alston Macgill get soloist promotions.
  2. I like Emma Von Enck, but I have thought that Alston Macgill and Roman would make a fabulous pair. Alston and Roman share such a natural and dynamic energy.
  3. I agree! I liked Macgill and VonEnck the best of the variations. Alston Macgill is one of my favorites to watch right now!
  4. The DGV rehearsal is still on NYCB’s Facebook page. I enjoy the inside look at the rehearsal process. They are such hardworking artists!
  5. I am looking forward to seeing Alston Macgill dance one of the Raymonda variations. I saw her as Scotch Girl in the Spring Season and found her to be absolutely charming with impeccable technique. I hope she continues to get featured roles.
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