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  1. I sadly moved away from Philly between last season and now, which is a shame as I was looking forward to a lot of the works they had coming up. Opening night should be great, though! I specifically wanted to see Mayara in this role. It should be a treat, for sure!
  2. I was going to post my own opinions, but I agree with pretty much everything wallis said. Oksana would probably be one of the better ones to pick, especially if you really like classical ballet style. I just saw her in R+J (where she was amazing and truly embodied the role), so I wanted to branch out and see another dancer as the main role. Mayara is my second choice, and Lillian would probably be my third, but I don't know enough about the remaining three to give them a fair shot. To be fair, I've really enjoyed every dancer I've seen in a principal role!
  3. I'll be seeing Mayara Piniero and Zecheng Liang. This is partially what fit best with my schedule, but I'm really excited for this pair. Mayara is probably my favorite dancer at the ballet, and she's wonderfully light on her feet. Her rehearsal videos have been very tempting. Plus I saw the two of them in Rubies last year, and I thought they had great chemistry.
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