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  1. Dying to hear about the new Tharp... Tharp-Kamali-Tipton dream team!
  2. I don’t think he was making any kind of comment. He finds AD-W’s name difficult to pronounce so instead he calls him Double-Barreled, probably because he thinks it’s witty because his surname is literally a double-barreled surname.
  3. Yes. I didn’t think it was unknown. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-barrelled_name
  4. Honestly I don’t think “double-barreled” was meant as any kind of description for AD-W at all, I think “double-barreled” is just a term for that type of surname. For example Jackson-Barrett is double-barreled surname.
  5. If the critics and a “large segment of the public” consider it a triumph, is the show then not a success? Is longevity the only factor in determining something’s success? If that was the case, only a handful of shows would truly be successful.
  6. I agree, Cobweb. I also like the pleated skirts and I am also looking forward to the prologue and apotheosis which I feel add so much interest to the ballet. I’ve always found Apollo to be reliant on a group of intriguing individuals, rather than its success being the product of this company or that.
  7. Definitely looks to me like something that should remain firmly in the past.
  8. Agreed. Sometimes it’s just not the same ballet without the right dancer chosen by the choreographer.
  9. I feel it’s a pretty complex issue, but if a role has been designated a specific race (Madame Butterfly, Othello...) then that role should be given to a person of that race, rather than a white person masquerading as a person of that race. If you don’t have the dancers for a piece of repertoire, don’t programme that rep.
  10. Definitely a big difference between casting an Asian dancer in an Asian role and casting Asian dancers only in Asian roles...
  11. It’s my guess that this part is considered particularly vital and/or difficult which is why it merits a front-of-curtain bow. It is certainly out of the ordinary to have the corps now in front of the curtain. I don’t really see it as a problem.
  12. Very true. I think these designs show us why every other ballet costume has lighter tights than the top.
  13. Yeah the new costumes don’t work for me. It’s a beautiful color palette, but the wrong color palette for this ballet and almost nothing to distinguish the principals from the corps.
  14. Curious if anyone saw CoLab at Kaatsbaan this past weekend or if anyone is planning on seeing them next weekend at MMAC? I’m unable to go but would love to hear any reports. For anyone who doesn’t already know, CoLab is directed by Lauren Post of ABT - her summer project. I believe they started last year. This year I think they had three new works by three female choreographers including Gemma Bond so I’d love to know how that went.
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