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  1. I'll be asking for a refund if I show up to NYCB and the dancers are masked.  Not kidding.  I have to travel and pay a lot to go, I'm not paying to watch masked dancers.  I also think it's unfair and somewhat dangerous to the dancers.  They get extremely out of breath as it is.

  2. 11 minutes ago, canbelto said:

    That's actually not true. In my school vaccines are mandatory for extracurricular activities and field trips. You must bring a doctor's note on why you cannot get the vaccine. Religious exemptions are not being accepted at this time.

    Ok..so it's not true for your area.  This is how it works in my state.  


  3. I put in my pre-order, can't wait.  I'm glad she's speaking up.  I hope it makes everyone really uncomfortable (who knew about these things and did nothing).  These stories are too detailed for me to believe they're anything but the truth.  

  4. 28 minutes ago, canbelto said:

    Indoors is a different matter though.

    If you're vaccinated though and most of the audience is (which is highly likely with a ballet audience that tends to be older) The risk is extremely low.  There's just no sense in worrying about this, because first off you can't do anything about it, and second it's bad for your immune system to be stressed out.  That's scientifically based, stress is terrible for our bodies. And that's what I see so many people doing to themselves- stressing over who may or may not be vaccinated when they have no control over that.  And then you get a lot of people worried about it and everyone feeds off of each other, and that's what we have, a collective stressed out, traumatized (from the isolation and having to now go back to crowds) group of citizens.

  5. I believe the policies are fluid based on CDC/state guidelines.  I for one am glad they're following the science.  Outdoor exposure is extremely rare (I believe the latest has it at a 0.1% chance), not to mention if one is vaccinated, what other people are doing should be less of a concern.  

  6. Our nervous systems are set up to cope with sudden, high stress/shocking events.  Flight-fight-or freeze.  Everyone assumes women "should" fight.  It's not that simple, we don't get to decide; our bodies decide for us.  Everything that follows (choices we make after the fact) have been summarized nicely by others already.

  7. 7 hours ago, pherank said:

    Since normally intermissions involve a lot of threading through crowds to stand in lines for refreshments or the bathroom, removing intermissions altogether would cut down on all that human interaction. Masked or not. The theater itself presumably would have reduced seating with more space between occupied seats. But who knows? Maybe that will change too.

    From their website:

    "Fall 2021 performances will be seated with no social distancing"

  8. Please note if you're subscribed to the Oct 14th or 15th performances that they need to sort out their error (I just spoke with the box office today); it's swapped on the calendar (vs. what you see when you purchase online).  They're looking into it.  I hope it was an error on the calendar..for everyone who assumes what they saw when they checked-out was correct (me!!)

  9. I'm talking about sitting down for the 2 hours without a mask, not "mingling".  Like everyone does in restaurants, we put them back on when we're using the restroom, walking to/from the table etc.  

  10. 56 minutes ago, canbelto said:

    IMO they should accept vaccine proof. By the summer everyone who wants a vaccine should be able to get one. Vaccines are also easier to check for because of the CDC cards.

    They are, but as an alternative you can show a negative test.  I already bought my fall tickets, so I'm glad to see this because I will not be getting the vaccine.  

  11. I'm glad they're accepting a negative test and not just vaccine proof.  Especially considering it's outside... socially distance...with masks, honestly that's overkill, there's no risk if you're not near anyone outside.  But I know this will make people feel better (I'm not one of those people, ha!  But I understand not everyone thinks like I do).

  12. Do you think they're going to happen?

    Do you think the performers will be wearing masks?

    The audience have to mask up/test before entrance?

    I'll be honest.. I don't watch performances with masks.  I just don't enjoy it.  And I have unpopular views on athletes wearing masks, but I have no desire to start a debate about that.  

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