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  1. Hi Buddy, It’s hard to describe the costumes so I found a picture here. It’s the top picture. You can see the dancers are in red and blue costumes. Strong primary colors. You can also see one of the backdrops. Perhaps you can see there’s something about the women’s costumes that made me think of the handmaid’s tale... I found it all very intriguing. I wish I could see it again! A fascinating piece. Our seats are second row center so we are right behind the conductor (an excellent conductor) and we could see the harmonica soloist directly and head on. A remarkable piece of music with real
  2. Hi all, Thank you, Drew, for this detailed report. We also found the Concerto Armonico the most compelling piece of the evening (We went for the evening performance, so we always seem to see different performances from you). The music by itself is highly compelling -- it is a very rich composition and a very interesting one, not to mention the virtuosity on the harmonica, which is a kind of rare thing to hear and witness. The ballet is very creative and intriguing. I like very much the overall visual aesthetic of it with the abstract expressionist art (yes, Miro / Rothko... exactly) and t
  3. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your experience also. I am happy that Nedvegin is leaning back towards classical/neo-classical, but I really appreciate the inclusion of new works and modern works also. This past weekend I thought was very good also, especially the 7 for 8 with the Bach, which is sublimely beautiful, and the final piece -- the world premiere of the Concerto Armonico -- which is quite a remarkable piece both of music and ballet. I feel like I would need to watch and hear that piece at least twice more to get a concept of it. The middle piece, despite being a crowd pleaser with Ger
  4. Just wanted to leave a note on the "Tu Tu" program that's taking place this weekend at Atlanta Ballet. It starts with Stanton Welch's "Tu Tu", followed by the world premiere of "blink" by longtime former Atlanta Ballet principal Tara Lee, and ends with the very fun and innovative "Minus 16" by Ohad Naharin. We went to see this last evening (opening night for this program) and were blown away. Never having seen anything on the program before, I didn't know what to expect, but each piece was magnificent. Stanton Welch's "Tu Tu" seems to me to be a kind of personal love song to ballet. The o
  5. I also went to the opening night performance and agree entirely with your assessment, KWalsh. We found it quite delightful: a nice mixture of comedy, fun dancing, technique, nice sets and costumes and a live orchestra. I personally felt the second half was somewhat stronger than the first, and many in my section seemed to agree. This performance seems like a good sign of things to come regarding the new direction of the company. As someone who likes the classical and Balanchine, as well as most things Russian, I’m happy (although I did very much like the contemporary pieces I saw last season a
  6. Snail

    Olga Smirnova

    Buddy, thank you for these excellent comments. It is good to hear from someone who admires and appreciates both Zakharova and Smirnova. Also, you write so beautifully about the way you experience each dancer and the effect they create. It is indeed very subtle things that we appreciate and that create that impression of grace, elegance, power and beauty. Expressiveness is indeed something I am always looking for and hoping for in a dancer.
  7. Snail

    Olga Smirnova

    This is exactly how I felt too. She looks a bit unconventional as Aurora, and I didn't warm to her immediately. I also felt she did (as Eddienono said) lack in confidence a bit early in the performance until she found her footing. But towards the end I was completely taken in. Perhaps, Eddienono, it's just a matter of personal taste. I have seen the Bolshoi's "Sleeping Beauty" disc with Zakharova and couldn't connect with her in that role (I like her much more as Nikiya on their recording of that ballet). Then again I am not a huge fan of Zakharova. I am one of those in the camp t
  8. Snail

    Olga Smirnova

    Just saw Olga Smirnova in the Bolshoi Sleeping Beauty cinema broadcast. It was our first time seeing her and we were so impressed. We thought she was a bit unsteady at first and took a little bit of time to find her feet. That happened pretty quickly, though, and by the end of the ballet she was full of confidence and on fire. Her final dances were electrifying -- incredible power, precision and speed. A very dynamic performance -- at times she kind of made me think of Plisetskaya just in terms of dynamism, power and energy. We are definitely fans of hers now. Also really liked Ste
  9. That's great to know. Thanks! It's odd because on the amazon page for this DVD, vol. 1, it says under "Editorial Reviews": Quick Shipping !!! New And Sealed !!! This Disc WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. A multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player is request to view it in USA/Canada. Please Review Description.
  10. When you look on Amazon, there are warnings that this DVD (Balanchine in Montreal) series may not play on DVD players in the US. Can anyone confirm/disconfirm this? I'd love to order them if I can play them...
  11. Hi Drew, Thanks for sharing this. I saw Atlanta Ballet's production of The Nutcracker just over a week ago. It was my first time seeing the Atlanta Ballet, and I was quite impressed. Even though I (wrongly) assumed most people there would be families doing the Nutcracker for the holiday season and wouldn't really know the company well, the deep appreciation for Welker was palpable. He was applauded upon his entrance and received a deep and continuous ovation at the curtain call. His pas de deux in the second movement was the highlight of the night. (Although Saho Kumagai was also excellen
  12. Snail


    Thanks -- we just attended our second performance of Sarasota Ballet and I posted a report in the forum for them. We certainly appreciate living within driving distance!
  13. Last month my wife and I drove down from Atlanta and saw our first two performances of the Sarasota Ballet, which were of the Balanchine/Ashton/Tudor program. The highlight was Balanchine’s Apollo, danced on opening night with Ricardo Rhodes in the lead male role. It was done excellently and beautifully, and Rhodes’s elegance really impressed us. The Ashton Sinfonietta was quite good, quite energetic with very colorful costumes. The middle movement, which is slow and very interesting, and involves a sole female dancer being carried aloft and moved around by five men, was perhaps not quite as
  14. Snail


    Hi everyone, Just saying hi as this is my first post. I have benefited from many interesting posts and discussions here. Just getting back into watching ballet after a long hiatus, and enjoyed the Balanchine/Ashton production this weekend at Sarasota Ballet, which was very good. All the best!
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