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  1. I wish Melissa Hamilton the very best in whatever she does. She's an inspiration to all dancers who start late and ignore the naysayers.
  2. Actually, these days, that is pretty short for a ballerina. The best principal dancers in the world today are much taller: 5'7" all the way to 5'10" -- Ekaterina Kondaurova may even be taller -- and, of course, many of the men are taller. Tall looks better on stage.
  3. NandiFlame

    Joy Womack

    My point was not to make Polunin out as a role model for Joy Womack but to point out why, in my view, the difference in their early training resulted in one doing better than the other, despite their individual behavior (if indeed such a comparison is valid). As I said, they both have contra personalities. Polunin has openly complained about various situations -- even handled them badly -- but he hasn't resorted to publicly and personally demeaning his partners. A writer wrote about his walking out of a rehearsal with Cojocaru. He didn't, himself, resort to publicly airing his feelings abo
  4. NandiFlame

    Joy Womack

    A couple of commentators have mentioned the article comparing and contrasting Joy Womack with Sergei Polunin. I would like to add a key point, if we are to swallow a comparison between the two. Sergei Polunin is an amazing dancer, one of the best in clean technique, spectacular jumps and artistry. He had four years of early Vaganova training at the Kyiv State Choreographic Institute in the Ukraine, after four years of gymnastics training, before he started at the Royal Ballet School when he was thirteen years old. That early Vaganova grounding (with his personal talent) catapulted him to t
  5. NandiFlame

    Joy Womack

    I have been following Joy Womack's vlogs for quite some time. There is no doubt that she is technically gifted (turnout, extensions, line, jumps -- turns are a strength). She is definitely a disciplined worker, with dance and exercise routines that would leave many dancers behind. An excerpt on one of her social-media pages showed her in class with Olga Smirnova at the Bolshoi. Although the combination was brief, it hinted at technique on a par with Olga Smirnova's. After all, despite comments to the contrary on this site, Joy was the first American to graduate from the Russian section of
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