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  1. nelle

    Joy Womack

    Joy is competing at the Moscow Ballet Competition—one of the rare chances to see a professionally filmed performance of her: http://www.medici.tv/en/others/moscowballetcompetition-seniors-round2-1/ In round two, she danced the pas de deux from Sleeping Beauty as well as her standard modern piece to Purcell. (If on a desktop, you can select individual performances from the sidebar.)
  2. nelle

    Joy Womack

    For those interested, Joy's performance in the second round of Varna (pas de deux from Le Corsaire): https://www.facebook.com/rtvcvarna/posts/1046720802085357
  3. nelle

    Yulia Stepanova

    For anyone interested, her DQ variation from earlier this month is here: https://youtu.be/lK4TcaeTsTA?t=4m58s
  4. nelle

    Joy Womack

    It happened just today. Her entry this afternoon contained some very unflattering characterizations of both her company and her partner. I continue to be surprised she's comfortable putting such things online. Refraining from mentioning names does nothing to protect identities, since anyone with Google can quickly figure out to whom she's referring. Anyway, someone left a long-ish, articulate comment stating basically what most here have been saying: that this very public airing of grievances is unprofessional and can hardly do her favors. The poster of the comment was extremely polite. Th
  5. nelle

    Joy Womack

    The bridges burned pretty brightly when Womack left the Bolshoi, though. It's hard to imagine the door back there being anything other than slammed shut, unless she suddenly morphs into Zakharova II (i.e. so good they can't ignore her). Even then, I don't know. She's already shown her willingness to cause trouble for her directors at more than one company, and it's difficult to see the Bolshoi heads being willing to undergo that risk a second time. For that matter, any director considering her would have to think long and hard about having an amateur Breaking Pointe production on their hands.
  6. nelle

    Joy Womack

    Joy recently danced her debut leads in Swan Lake and Don Quixote within two weeks of each other. Not sure why they scheduled both debuts in such close proximity -- seems a risk for such a young soloist -- but there you have it. You can see her Swan Lake here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoZW_qmkDQE. Don Quixote clips are on Facebook on the Балет Кремлевский page. I have a hard time making my mind up re: just about anything Joy Womack. I want to believe her because she's so darn likeable and earnest, but there are so many elements of her story that don't add up or are just plain odd. I'm
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