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  1. So sorry to read of her passing. I always loved her designs. Must admit, I booked to see ballets if I saw that Yolanda Sonnabend was the designer. Another link to the MacMillan era gone.
  2. Firefly

    Joy Womack

    Ms Womack is certainly skating on very thin ice by openly stating that her partner has issues with 'sobriety' (her words). But not only that, in her last but one blog she goes so far as to blame him and his lack of sobriety, for the injury she has that has caused her to need to fly back to Texas. And, Yes, she has got her own way, after the AD denied her time off to go home to the US, she now has 6 days or so to spend in her home city! How does she do it? When I was dancing, you only got time off for severe injury (I continued dancing on a stress fracture because I was so worried that taking t
  3. Firefly

    Joy Womack

    Fraildove, I read that article and was really annoyed, like you. I could not believe that someone had actually compared Womack (whom I'm sure most people outwith the 'Youtube Womack fan club' had never heard of) with Polunin. If they had wanted to compare East with West (which seemed to me to be the twist in the article) they could have used David Hallberg or Xander Parish although they are male and I guess wouldn't have made as good 'copy' for sales. Regarding you comment about wishing someone advising her to be careful about what she says on her blogs... it's been done, many times by well
  4. Firefly

    Joy Womack

    I'm quite new to this forum, although I have a background in ballet. I watched some of the Swan Lake O/O performance - I couldn't bear to watch it all. I watched most of what was posted of the DonQ performances by her. Whilst I think her Kitri is slightly better than her Odette or Odile, I am not wowed by any of them. I thought her Kitri 1st act variation was rather dull instead of the dynamic, energetic vivaciousness that typifies this solo. I just could not get a sense of any personality from any of the roles she played (or maybe I just didn't care for the personality I saw?). Also, I was no
  5. I just want to say 'Hello' or 'Ciao' from the UK as an Italian/English ex-professional ballet dancer living in the UK. It is great to find an online forum that has so much information on ballet.
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