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  1. I understand and appreciate your requirement that Facebook pages are not to be used as a source of information on your website and will refrain from such citations in the future. Could you point me to serious opinions, supported by fact, stating that Stepanova does not have the potential of becoming a great dancer? I honestly am not aware of any, hence my statement that there is a general consensus on that point. There have been some discussions comparing her at this stage of her development to the mature Ulanova or Lopatkina or the other greats of the past but that doesn't seem fair, does
  2. As perhaps should be clarified: that's a fan page...(and notes only that she is still on the roster). That is, whatever it says is not an announcement from the artist. (Even if she was/is leaving the company, it would be gracious for the Mariinsky to list her prize and not exactly inappropriate, and I'm glad they did. She did win as a Mariinsky artist.) It seems to me that there is a good number of "fanzine" style responses to videos of Yulia Stepanova of late. Having only seen videos of her dancing and in matching her performances with live performances those of the 60's,70's, 80's and ev
  3. She's on the flip side of that equation now. I hope her pupils don't cause her that sort of grief. I didn't mean to leave the impression that Pavlova was deliberately giving anybody grief. I've found the piece I was referencing in the March 27, 1995 issue, when Pavlova was 38. Croce describes asking Bolshoi officials for permission to watch Pavlova rehearse, which they gave unwillingly. Croce writes that she wanted to ask Pavlova to dance for her: "Pavlova was sitting on a bench....staring in mute despair at the floor...'Would Nadezhda Vasilievna...' I began, but slowly, helplessly, Pavlov
  4. If you have access to the archives of The New Yorker magazine you should look up an admiring review of Pavlova by Arlene Croce in the July 16, 1973 issue. Croce also compares Gordeyev favorably to Godunov. In a later article that I can't find right now, Croce while visiting the Bolshoi hears a coach bemoaning Pavlova's unwillingness to rehearse or take class.
  5. According to Stepanova's Facebook page, she is still at Mariinsky. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yulia-Stepanova/120746278067875?fref=nf The Mariinsky website now acknowledges her as a winner of the Taglioni prize. http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/news1/news2/1_232oct/
  6. Although we've mostly seen her in roles that show her old style technique, I think she may be more versatile. Case in point, that photo of her in Rubles on her Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yulia-Stepanova/120746278067875
  7. Response to my email: "Of course we know about Julia's win and we are glad that our ballet dancers become better from year to year and honored to have those great awards. But according to the fact that Julia have decided to leave Mariinsky ballet troupe in nearest future we can't print this information on our web-site. I hope Julia will have a lot of awards in future and you will stay an admirer of her talent! Have a nice day and best regards, Kate Ordovskaya Press-office of the Mariinsky theatre Tel: +7 812 714 4164 Fax: +7 812 314 17 44 http://www.mariinsky.ru mailto:ordovskaya@mariinsky.r
  8. What does anyone make of this: http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/news1/ ? Mariinsky website congratulates Xander Parish and conductor Pavel Bubelnikov for winning Taglioni awards,, but does not mention Yulia Stepanova at all. Could anyone be contesting her award? Not Mariinsky, surely! She still appears on the Mariinsky website, but she was to dance in Rubies and Humpbacked Horse in October and these two appearances have been deleted, leaving only her Queen of the Dryads and Sylvia. What is going on?? I've sent an email to press@mariinsky.ru requesting correction of the "error" in the press
  9. Yulia just won the Taglioni European ballet award. http://instagram.com/p/td10Zst4rD/
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