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  1. For me, it's Asylmuratova, hands down. Compared to her on the Bayadere tape, Darcey Bussell pales by comparison both in technique and acting IMHO, but haven't seen Bussell lately. Next, I think, could be Lezhnina and Ayupova, though I'm not sure they're really great. I agree with Mel that there seems to be a Great Ballerina Drought and also think Sizova deserves a place in here. Not to mention Royal Danish ballerinas. Are there any 'greats' there?
  2. Solor, I know what you mean. I love Petipa . I love Graham, too, when danced by Graham dancers--ballet dancers just don't have the training for it (that goes the other way, too; the difference is that Graham dancers don't try to do Sleeping Beauty). I don't know if I'll ever love Balanchine, and I haven't seen much Tudor, but the one ballet I've seen was fascinating. Ashton is one of the best, too. Of course one must be ready to dance all kinds of different choreography; that's how we progress, but many companies don't seem to know where to place the emphasis anymore.
  3. But ABT doesn't use the original Medora variation in that scene--they interpolate one from Act III of Don Quixote. The original variation as done by the Kirov is shorter, starting in 3/4 time and changing to 2/4, and at a quicker tempo.
  4. Just how much of Le Jardin Anime did Delibes write? I can guess probably the opening waltz, adagio, and coda, but did he write the variations for Medora and Gulnare as well? Also, the Odalisque Pas De Trois is often placed in Le Jardin Anime--did he write that, too?
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