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  1. Hello, I wondered if anyone saw Stuttgart Ballet performances at the Coliseum in London? I heared they got good critics. Did anyone see all the casts? Thx!
  2. Hi there, did somebody see any performances of the Stuttgart Ballet performing at Opera Garnier? I would be interested in the french perspective of the Stuttgart Ballet. !!
  3. Hi, here is the new website of Marijn Rademaker, Principal Dancer of the Stuttgart Ballet, Germany. www.marijnrademaker.de Just wanted to let you all know.......not that there are so many people in Stuttgart reading this obviously....but hey.....I'll keep up the good hope...
  4. Thanks for your help! Lets hope we find something, I would like to have a lis of people who dance there!
  5. Hallo, i'm looking for an internetsite of the Ukrainien National Ballet in Kiev. Can somebody elp me with that?? Thanks a lot Stuttgart!
  6. Hallo, Reinhard, Maybe you saw somebody else as Giselle and Albrecht in that open rehearsel then Friedemann Vogel and Alicia Amatriain. Friedemann Vogel is already injured for a while. Maybe you saw Alicia with Philip Barankiewicz. Greetings!!!
  7. Hi, sorry, i Dont know why Sue Jin is not dancing. B-cast is gone be great too! Bridget Breiner!
  8. Hi, The first cast is: Blanche: Alessandra Ferri Stella: Katja Wünsche Stanley: Jason Reilly Mitch: Ivan Gil Ortega Allan Gray: Michael Kaniskin Allan's Friend: Marijn Rademaker Here is a review from the famous Horst Koegler: http://tanznetz.de/koegler/koegler.phtml?t...d=408&tid=20568 Greetings!!!!
  9. I was great in LULU dad!!!!! love!!!
  10. Hi, another very nice DUTCH male dancer is joining the company AGAIN: Boris de Leeuw. He stopped for four years and now he is back again. He studied at the Royal Concervatory in The Haque. He is a principal.
  11. Hi, they will bring Romeo and Juliet and some modern programs.
  12. Hi, I think ist is a very important thing. The director should be in the studio's. i The result of the rehaersel is first of all the directors responsebility. Second of all; the dancers should see that heshe is still there, that there is an authority. They also see that he cares about what they do. He has to work with them, I think its the most important thing. And I think the director should also teach ones in a while. The almost the only possebility to see in what kind shape the dancers technicly are. I thing what I think can not be avoided is that the artistic director has to raise funds. If there are two directors maybe, if there is one its a busy job.
  13. Hi, well, he is a very good partner. But not really a prince type. But I dont think thats very important. I think he did a great job partnering Bridget with still pain in his back. And he also learned the ballet very fast. Bridget is a very nice Swan. But I did not see her as black Swan. But I love her very much!!
  14. Hi, thanks for your repliey! Jiri Jelinek did his premiere 2 days ago with Bridget Breiner for your information. The others are still injured. But slowly coming back. The music in the 4th act is from Tjaikovsky's Hamlet. It is a beautiful piece of music and I think it fits the ballet very well. The costumes are indeed a bit strange in the 3rd act, especially the boys Sopnisch costumes. About the tutu's: the were long last time, 5 years ago or so, I believe. But now they changed it, I dont know why. But I think to; it's nicer than the longer ones.
  15. This is a very good one: http://www.vidishot.com/vajda/lvbioref.html
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