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  1. Thank you Dr. Steeg. As a composer of many years and student of Balanchine's work (and hence the New York City Ballet) for 2.5 years I second your opinion. I attended ALL of the fall 2012 and winter 2013 performances and most of the rehearsals; It is astonishing to realize the scope of the endeavor under Martins' stewardship.

    It is a not unrelated issue that, unlike what one has come to expect from a classical music review, dance reviews are often petty, tunnel-visioned, and just plain nasty. Very unfortunate that few display any broad, empathetic, and/or poetic vision for the art they have chosen (or have been chosen) to review. As Balanchine said, dance is music's little sister; as he himself knew well, that includes the quality of dance reviews.

  2. In her article on George Balanchine in the International Encyclopedia of Dance (p.269), Ms. Croce says "Alone of male choreographers in this [20th] century, Balanchine could see women approximately as they saw themselves. And he was one of the few choreographers who could use the human body, particularly the female body, as a medium of fantasy in one work after another and never unintentionally violate its humanity..." I would be interested in (especially female) dancers' opinion on this statement, including comparisons with other choreographers.

  3. I hope I am following the rules (no doubt the moderator will correct me if not). I am a new member of Ballet Alert! I am a composer (and t'ai chi teacher) with a deep interest in Balanchine's use of bodies moving to music; I have a more general interest in the entire context (i.e., the history of ballet and related arts) that enabled Balanchine. Ballet Alert! appears to be a good place for serious discussion and relevant news. Thanks, Daniel

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