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  1. It will be very interesting to see how Smirnova "ages".  As she discussed somewhere (DanceWorld interview?), [paraphrased] she has to rethink and adapt her various iconic roles (Tatiana, Aurora, Nikiya, Giselle, Swan Lake) as she gets older.  I have not seen anyone else who commands the stage as she does,  (along with Allegra Kent in her "modern" roles, e.g., Agon, Episodes, which are storyless music and dance).   I'd love to see Smirnova in Anna Karenina and La Dame Aux Camellias.  As her coach says in the Bolshoi "biopic" on YouTube, you can't help but be moved when you watch her.


  2. I vote for Smirnova because she answered a question I have had ever since doing research on Balanchine:  what happens when a great Russian ballerina dances Balanchine?  She answered the question in "Diamonds" thereby showing a depth to Balanchine's works not available from (most) other dancers   She reminds me of Allegra Kent in having a certain nobility, and also not being particularly suited to "pretty girl" roles.  

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