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  1. I watched the Seo/Stearns performance on Thursday and loved it much more than Monday night's performance. Seo mentioned in her TONY interview that her R&J might be a bit "rough" compared to the seasoned principals but that's exactly what I liked about it. It made Romeo and Juliet seem like real characters and I understood them better. Herman Cornejo was great on Monday night but I actually liked Craig Salstein's more humorous Mercutio better. Seo seems like a terrific dancer and though there were times when I thought maybe she wasn't relaxed enough, I enjoyed her Juliet a lot more than Vis
  2. Really minor point, but I believe Yan Chen is Chinese. I would love to Hyltin and Fairchild dance MacMillan's R&J also. I thought the NYCB one was decent, not atrocious or anything, but probably not something I'd want to watch over and over again.
  3. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by the end of last night's performance. The last time I watched this production was Ferri's retirement and I absolutely loved it, but last night wasn't very captivating. I'm probably in the very, very small minority because it seemed like everyone around me enjoyed it so my opinion is definitely just my opinion. The dancers are great, I just don't love the production. I'd love to see more dancing from Romeo and Juliet, not from the harlots, not from the many side characters, and definitely not from the sword fighters (enough!!). For me, there were too ma
  4. I just noticed this in an older article: Now in Principal’s Slippers, Facing Fears Yay! I guess it all worked out! (I'm not exactly sure about how to quote articles on this forum)
  5. I think that's probably because tonight's Swan Lake was close to selling out, if not already sold out. When I looked the site two days ago and checked out tonight's performance just to see what kinds of tickets were left, the seat-choosing system didn't show up and instead it was just a picture of the seating levels. I couldn't buy a ticket online even if I wanted to. As far as I can tell, you can still choose seats online for all the other programs.
  6. I just got back from the performance as well and this was the first time I had seen Part and Bolle in their respective roles. They were both incredible and I could not take my eyes off Veronica's endless limbs, expression, and steady balances. I found the whole production pretty decent but there were some moments that were a bit dull. My friend, who I finally convinced to go watch a ballet performance, liked it overall (esp. act III) but was so disappointed by the corps. I'd been reading reports about the corps on this site and from other places but I honestly didn't think it would as bad as i
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