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Mme. Hermine

Interviews on Video - Frederic Franklin and many others

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This is the first of a group of longish videos (20 min., I don't know about the others) - of interviews - people like Anna Kisselgoff, Ardis Krainik, Frederic Franklin, Patricia McBride,I think there's a total of close to 80, from the Ruth Page Collection that are now on line. It may be fine in Explorer but try other browsers if it isn't.


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In this film Miss Page is interviewed in her living room and speaks at length about her friendship with Margot Fonteyn, among other subjects. If you saw the Secret Muses biography of Ashton, the paperback cover had a photo of Ashton and Fonteyn doing barre on a ship, and the photo was taken by Miss Page's husband Tom Fisher during a trip she talks about here.


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