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Royal Danish Ballet - Romeo and Juliet 1987

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I've come across a recording of the Royal Danish Ballet performing John Neumeier's Romeo and Juliet, from 1987, with Mette-Ida Kirk and Ib Andersen, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this? I can't find any references to a video or DVD online, which is unfortunate, because the copy I saw looks like it was recorded from a TV broadcast and the quality is not great. The performance is absolutely wonderful, though.

There don't seem to be any clips of it online, either, so I posted one on YouTube if anyone's interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sa1N4gvvyU

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The Tokyo Ballet will be performing Neumeier's Romeo and Juliet next month so I will be seeing it. Plus I saw it performed by Danish Royal Ballet on their Japan tour several years ago.

There are some trailers of this ballet on Hamburg Ballet's YouTube channel.

One of the key points of this ballet is that usually the main roles are played by very young dancers, last time I watched it, it was danced by dancers in the corps. And also, the friar Laurence is played by a young dancer, and taking poison is a result of their foolishness due to lack of experience in life.

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