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Jane Simpson

Jonathan Chmelensky

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Eva Kistrup has just posted a new interview with the RDB's French-born, Cuban-trained Chmelensky, who paints an encouragingly positive picture of the present state of the company.and points out the advantages of working with a rising star like Alban Lendorf:

“Hübbe is driving a steam locomotive with Alban on the front and I am trying to hang on to the train with everything I got”.

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Yes, he is indeed a very eyecatching and brilliant dancer. I happened to see him a couple of days ago when he starred as the Cavalier of the Sugar Plum Fairy in Balanchine's Nutcracker on the RDB's tour in Aarhus. He is a very welcome addition to the rank of soloists and fits in well stylistically with the company. And it looks like he is good at partnering as well.

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