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Hello from Ohio

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I see from some other "Hello" posts that daughters (and sons) who studied dance often bring to their parents an appreciation of dance, and I am in that category. My technical knowledge of dance terminology is weak, but I have seen enough dance to know what I like. I usually like the very tradtional, full length ballets. I especially enjoy watching the corps in many of these productions. Modern dance can be exciting, but sometimes I just don't get it. ("Rome and Jewels" by Renee Harris is a perfect example of "I don't get it.")

For Valentine's Day my wife and I went to Washington, DC (from Cleveland) to see the Mariinsky production of "Sleeping Beauty" on Saturday night, February 13. It was spectacular. OK...here were a few boo-boos, but the third act was so beautiful it made me cry. That's my standard for "spectacular."

Why travel to Washington from Cleveland? Once Cleveland Ballet and Ohio Ballet went under we have had to adopt Washington (Mariinsky, Bolshi, ABT, etc.) and Chicago (the Joffrey) as our ballet "home" cities. There is always lots to do in both cities, and they will have to do until Cleveland can once again drum up enough support for a professional dance company, or at least a dance series of top notch ballet companies.

I'm looking forward to reading, watching videos, and learning more about the ballet world.

Dale L,

Stow, Ohio

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, DaleL; we're very happy to have you with us. How nice that your daughter has brought you into the ballet world. Chalk it up as your reward for supporting her as she studied. We hope you continue to enjoy ballet, and that your knowledge grows. There's lot of information for you on the board; browse and enjoy.


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