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Nicolas Blanc has left SFB

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Nicolas Blanc has left San Francisco Ballet.

San Francisco Ballet principal Nicolas Blanc asked to be released from his contract for the 2010 season. In a statement issued by SFB, Blanc stated, “It’s time for me to move to a new chapter in my life and to pass on what I’ve learned and experienced in my career as an artist. My six years with SF Ballet have been instrumental in my growth, not only as a dancer, but as a person; I’ve learned so much and am very grateful for this time with the company and to the loyal audience that has followed me in San Francisco."

I've copied dirac's post on Links here for discussion (not for why he left, of course, but for the effect of his leaving on the company, memories of his dancing, happiness that he's leaving :thumbsup:, or whatever).

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I'm very sorry to see him go and interested in where he surfaces next.

I always enjoyed his dancing - he was a go-for-broke type, but with a French flair for the dramatic.

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I don't get to see SFB that often, but when I have, his dancing has been wonderful. I will miss him, but I wish him luck in the next phase of his career :unsure:

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Here's an update on Nicolas Blanc.

SFB Director of Education, Charles Chip McNeal, is currently in Scotland conducting teaching workshops and giving lectures. In his latest blog post Tuesday with Charles on the SFB blog site, he mentions running into Blanc in Glasgow:

...magine my surprise when I came across a familiar face while touring the [scottish Ballet] facility: Nicolas Blanc, former principal dancer with SF Ballet, who has just retired from dancing! Just two weeks ago or so, he was named ballet master for Scottish Ballet, and he now resides in Glasgow.

He'll be missed here, but best of luck to him in his new (and rainy) environment.

Edited to add: I just noticed that this appointment does not yet appear on the Scottish Ballet website, so I may have jumped the gun on posting this; if so, please remove.

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