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Hi, I'm new here and I hope I post in the right places while I'm getting the hang of the forum! Ive recently started adult beginner ballet classes. Of course, I love it! I would recommend anyone plucking up the courage to join a class to do so. I had badly wanted to do ballet from a very young age, but didn't have lessons. Now I'm in my thirties and just happy to have the opportunity to have a go at beginner classes.

I love Arts subjects generally and am also interested in theatre design. I've just chosen to do Coppelia as a theatre design project exercise. I've been watching both the Royal Ballet and the Kirov ballet performing this, via DVD and video. I particularly loved Irina Shapchits in the Kirov production. It was very interesting seeing the different approaches to the story.

I will have a look at the sister forum as well!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, pas de chat!

We hope you'll post here about impressions of ballet videos and performances you've seen, but we're sure you'll find our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers a great resource as an adult ballet student. There are two forums, "Adult Ballet Students," and "Adult Ballet Students Buddy Board" in the "Special Groups" section of the site.

We have separate registrations. I couldn't find a "pas de chat" already on the members list for BT4D, so you should be able to use this name on both sites.

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