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  1. There was a radio programme about Frank Zappa on recently and his work with an orchestra('s?). in which something was said about the quality of orchestra playing going downhill after members came back from their break in the bar! It's strange that some types of creative work are so much better when produced by only one person and with other projects, a group produces something more magical than a single person could have done. Also, when you are one of the participants in a group effort, you may not be the goal scorer, or the one carrying the main melody, but you feel the buzz of the whole
  2. Thank you so much everyone for this terrific information!
  3. Not what I was expecting and interesting! - THANK YOU RG! and I've just found a website! http://www.turgalicia.es/Presentacion/cidade_i.htm
  4. Thank youCarbro! I'm keeping an eye out for it, and will let you know how I get on here.
  5. What else do you need to define teamwork? Chemistry may be another element. All kinds of people may be able to go through the motions of something perfectly. but sometimes magic happens in the casting. In a rock band, it may be the difference between the session musician and the bond between the band members. In an orchestra or choir, it could be a familiarity with your regular colleagues and conductor's ways of doing things. In acting, certain people just feed off each other really well, bringing things to life. In some memorable TV shows, for example, it seems that everyone was cast perfec
  6. I would have thought it should be a team game, just like an orchestra. If you have a line of people all doing the same thing at the same time, you want them to be in sync. As with acting, the crowd in the background should be complimenting, rather than distracting from the main action. Surely as with acting, all cast members help each other to 'set up shots', and give each other moves to react/respond to? Balletbogsville 3, Dancing Athletic 0
  7. I am currently looking at Coppelia as a theatre design exercise. I would be very grateful if anyone can tell me about any traditions for it's location and period setting. I would also be interested generally in any sources of research information. I came across one website that mentioned Olympia, Poland?? My DVD of the Royal Ballet's production mentions something like a non specfic East European location that's a generalised 'ballet-land'. I'll need to think about the period style of architecture. The Kirov production costumes used wigs to good effect and key periods of skill and popularity
  8. Cats all the way! (which made the problem of picking a forum name easier!)
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I nearly went in there just last week, and now I'll definitely visit as soon as I can.
  10. pas de chat


    Thanks! The adult beginner threads will be especially helpful.
  11. pas de chat


    Hi, I'm new here and I hope I post in the right places while I'm getting the hang of the forum! Ive recently started adult beginner ballet classes. Of course, I love it! I would recommend anyone plucking up the courage to join a class to do so. I had badly wanted to do ballet from a very young age, but didn't have lessons. Now I'm in my thirties and just happy to have the opportunity to have a go at beginner classes. I love Arts subjects generally and am also interested in theatre design. I've just chosen to do Coppelia as a theatre design project exercise. I've been watching both the Royal
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