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  1. spinning2night

    ABT 2017 Onegin

    Wonderful to hear! Trenary & Gorak sound like a good match, and I do appreciate their respective technique and performance quality. Definitely also waiting to hear reports about Stella in the role...curious if anyone was at the Wednesday matinee?
  2. spinning2night

    ABT 2017 Spring Season at The Met

    I was out of the country when his return was announced, but nanushka you took the though/words right out of my head! I'm tentatively planning a NYC trip in May but I can only do 3 days, which means if this actually happens, i'll still have to chose one or the other...timing-wise Sat evening is much more likely, but if it's not Hallberg I'm going to wish I planned for Tues!!!
  3. spinning2night

    Gisele Bethea in ABT

    yes! I saw this roster update too, I'm definitely intrigued to see what happens especially since she has the technical talent and that little something extra to truly develop into the next big thing in ballet. I hope that she keeps that level head on her shoulders and continues to grow artistically so that she doesn't stagnate, get burnt out, or pushes/is pushed too soon. There's a great opportunity for both her and the company here, here's to hoping it works out right!
  4. spinning2night

    ABT 2016 Met Season

    I'm really sad to see the "on leave" designation for Hallberg on the brochure...but it indeed has been 2 years -- can't believe it! I know that during his time off due to injuries he has explored other artistic avenues, but my question now is does anyone know if he's attempted to com back? Has he taken classes or danced at all? Also, it's a pleasant surprise to see that Stella and Gillian have both been with the company for 20 years already! Where has the time gone! (and that means Gillian is the senior most principal now...oh my!) Anyways, back to tickets...I might make an impromptu trip to NYC this May, but I haven't decided yet, which means I have a hard time justifying pre-buying single tickets...what is the same day/same week buying situation for ABT at the Met? When does the box office open and what kind of seats are usually left? And are "day of" tickets priced higher -- i.e. how dynamic are the prices if I decide to just walk up? thanks!
  5. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    Messmer and Ricetto were two dancers I was really sad to see go as well. Messmer in particular. Seeing how many soloists left the company in the last 5 years really highlights not only how much talent was lost but also how remarkable it is that some of them stayed...including Stella and Misty.
  6. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    Question - did Copeland get a chance to perform the role at all before her injury?
  7. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    Renata Pavam's IG page has indicated that a handful of corps dancers are either retiring or leaving for other companies...not sure which ones have been mentioned here and how "official" these are but since it is being publicly shared: Adrienne Schulte, Luciana Voltolini, and Marian Butler. Add those to departures to Leann Underwood (Forster) and the one posted above, ABT's roster will be missing a few familiar faces next year. btw, WHY did we have to bring up Eric Tamm's departure...STILL hurts too much
  8. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    yes agreed. It appears as there's a disconnect between her shoulders and arms from the rest of her body when she dances -- it's like she moves them independently/separately rather than treating each position and move as one entity -- no idea if that explanation makes sense, but that's the way I see it. She has the skills and is actually quite a strong dancer, but the sloppiness can be distracting at times for an educated/trained audience member. IMO, it just seems she hasn't put all the pieces together yet to have her body continuously move through each position to create "photo/picture perfect" moments. (That how I was taught dance -- no "ugly" positions, you want every moment to be photo-ready). That being said, what's up with her wrists/hands? More often than not I feel like they hang limply and just dangle...I feel like that's something that's easy to correct, and she should be getting comments about them in the studio.
  9. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    random question -- how tall are Misty and Stella -- I'm under the impression that Misty is on the shorter side, and Stella's right in that "mid-height" category where she could be partnered by anyone -- is that right? Regular ABT goers, can you give a more concrete comparison to other dancers in the company? and who do you think they would most likely to be partnered with? ps -- thrilled that yesterday wasn't a dream!
  10. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    let's be real, the track record for the newer female principals at the moment isn't the greatest or cleanest... that being said, I'd just honestly like to see that ALL of these newly promoted dancers gets a chance to grow and develop into their new roles (and stage and in the company) first before they get pushed into doing more than they can handle -- I don't doubt Misty's talent, but I feel she lost a few good years of development due to past injuries and getting stuck in "pointless" soloist roles (cough the "old" SB...) Perhaps she's gotten more opportunities of late bc of PR, etc but I do want to see her genuinely succeed and not succumb to the pressures/attention that her promotion brings -- i'm just not convinced that she's 100% ready (especially when you compare her to the likes of Stella)
  11. spinning2night

    Roster Changes at ABT

    Today's promotions should (hopefully) yield benefits for fans and the company alike. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the big motivators was filling seats at ABT performances. With the promotions of Misty and Stella to the rank of principal, the company fills its two major needs in regards to the roster, a dancer people will pay to see and a dancer people want to see. (Granted the 3 retirements this year also played a big role in terms of $ and roster space). Disappointing that Lane, was not included, but not surprising at all...it seems every one of her opportunities have come out of "obligation" of giving Simkin a partner rather than actually giving HER the opportunity. So say whatever you want about Misty's track record, but her performances will get butts in those seats, especially audience members who are not "regulars" or normally wouldn't go to a ballet. I'm hoping she doesn't get pushed on the Seo principal track -- where she gets far more than she's ready for...and she gets a chance to develop as an artist and gets comfortable dancing larger roles. I don't doubt that she has talent, but she's going to keep giving sub-par performances if she's asked to do a role before she's ready -- and if she's going to be bringing more people to the ballet, I (for pure selfish reasons) want them to see GOOD ballet. Stella is a homegrown talent that most ABT fans/regulars -- myself included -- have been waiting to see more often. Her Giselle this season was proof of that, we will fill those seats, we will pay to see her, and more than anything, we've been waiting far too long...since she is in her mid/later 30s now (but had at least a 2 yr hiatus due to injury), she dances with exuberance but a polished maturity and artistry that I'd like to see grace the stage for many more years. I'd imagine her principal role repertoire with the company will expand in the next 2-3? seasons, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is some restraint there in order to ensure her career doesn't get cut short due to injury, etc. I agree that Nikiya and O/O would be fantastic additions for her. She'd be great as Juliet -- but ABT does not/should not be putting that on the schedule that regularly...it'll be interesting to see what she gets since she' a very versatile ballerina. Side Note: I'm interested to see what direction the company's program goes in for the next few years. Losing Kent, Herrera, and Reyes, gives the company as a whole a chance to introduce "new" works and/or other non-story ballets... alright, the "trying hard to be subjective" hat is coming off...STELLA!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!
  12. spinning2night

    Spring 2015: Giselle

    I'm so upset that I'm abroad right now and missed Stella's Giselle...both the announcement of her casting AND the glorious performance...I've been without internet for almost two weeks! I've always promised myself that even if I wasn't planning on being in NYC for the Met season, I'd do whatever I can to get my butt to NYC for Stella's Giselle at whatever cost...so here's to hoping KM gives her at least one performance of Giselle in the coming years bc it sounds as if she's proved what everyone of us have been hoping for all along when she finally had her moment! It fills my heart that she was as fantastic as we all knew she would be, and that the audience was so appreciative and happy for her. I'm really sad to have missed it (and disappointed that other than a few performances, this season has been a mess) -- probably why I didn't bother trying to keep up when the first week rolled around...however, I'll keep hoping there will be positives coming from this (and I'll keep my fingers crossed!) at the end of the season -- KM, promotion please! -- and most casting opportunities for Stella, as everyone's under-appreciated ballerina. Here's to hoping that single performance was enough...if not, here's to hoping there are many voices of influence in her corner. (As over the years, it's clear that Stella just simply loves to dance, so I'm sure a promotion is not her top priority per se, but I really want to see a great dancer and beautiful artist rewarded and recognized for her hard work...it's been a long road back for her since she lost her original Giselle debut with that terrible injury, do I really hope she still has many good, long years of her career to go!)
  13. spinning2night

    ABT 2015 Met season

    1. interesting to see that Gomes is actually doing Purple Von Rothbart TWICE this season...never thought I'd see the day when he's be cast in the role again that many times, barring injuries to other dancers...but I guess that's what happens after the departures of Radetsky and Matthews 2. there's a 3 evening stretch of R&J that I'm VERY intrigued by (W, Th, F evening)...if i were to be in NYC that week, i guess that's where all my money will go...oh and the i'll need lots of tissues too! 3. FINALLY!!!!! Thrilled to see Sarah and Stella get principals roles...BOO there aren't more. At this point, I get the sense that Sarah is just not KM's type, as for Stella, I wonder if she's personally chosen to not push harder -- I mean, her husband has "retired" and she has other interests and endeavors. SB for Sarah is LONG overdue. Cinderella for Stella is PERFECT. Yes, I those of us on this board would give A LOT to see a SB or Giselle for Stella too, but if this year was a perfect time with the new SB, and she doesn't get an Aurora...I don't think that's going to happen. I'll personally, still hold out for Giselle since with the THREE retirements this season, there are some openings for that role (Kent, Herrera, and Reyes have one each this year)...provided of course that the ballet will remain as an "annual" Met season full-length -- will KM give her a chance? (when will he start realizing that she often outshines the lead/principal when she's in secondary/soloist roles?) -- I get Giselle isn't SL or even SB or R&J...but does it sell well to the general public?
  14. I'm thrilled by this decision, as there is much in ABT's history that should be preserved and shared, and based on the NYT piece it seems that much of the material going to the Library of Congress is much more historical -- things that would have easily been lost regarding the history and development of the company and those associated it with it. As I'm not a dance scholar I can't really reflect on how the respective collections at NYCPL and in DC will differ in usage and "worth" to the dance community and general public. All in all, I think only positives can come of this. You have trained archivists and librarians helping and leading a project that will preserve much of ABT's history and art -- and it's their top priority too! I hope with this partnership with the Library of Congress much more about America's National Ballet Company will become accessible to the rest of the country.
  15. I really hope Sascha will pursue writing in some capacity after his dancing/acting days are over. His twitter is full of his musings and reactions to currently writers and their works -- it's quite clear he understands and appreciates the medium, and has his own personal thoughts about it. I really think there is a place for his voice should he choose to fully explore it. Here's a pretty interesting interview with him regarding the subject as well as a full compilation of his published writings thus far (aside from the Vogue pieces) -- all of which are wonderful reads! I think the interview may have been shared on this forum previously? or maybe not... http://balletfocus.com/sascha-radetsky-writing/