San Francisco Ballet Announces New Members for 2011 Season

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"SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Wednesday, July 21, 2010–San Francisco Ballet has announced the addition of twelve new dancers for the 2011 Repertory Season (not included are current Apprentice Bryn Gilbert and Corps de Ballet member Jordan Hammond, who both joined the Company from the San Francisco Ballet School during the 2010 Repertory Season).

Artem Yachmennikov will join the Company as a principal dancer and Vito Mazzeo will join as a soloist. Joining the corps de ballet are Daniel Baker, former SF Ballet School students Nicole Ciapponi and Koto Ishihara, Elena Kazakova, Dustin Shane, Sebastian Vinet, and Lonnie Weeks. In addition, Kimberly Braylock, Myles Thatcher, and Sylvie Volosov have been promoted from apprentices to the corps de ballet. Those joining SF Ballet as apprentices include Caroline Wilson and former SF Ballet School students Evan Hewer, Patricia Keleher, and Raymond Tilton.The Company roster now stands at 69 dancers plus five apprentices.

All changes effective July 2010."

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Link to the press release with information about the new company members.

Gone from the new roster:

Principal Katita Waldo - retired

Soloist Julianne Kepley - to Milwaukee Ballet as principal. Here’s a link to her bio.

Corps de Ballet -

Brett Bauer

David Arce

Ludmila Campos

Martyn Garside

Nicole Grand

Margaret Karl

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Thanks Peggy! I included the press release link in my post, but forgot to label it as such! ;)

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Joining the corps de ballet are Daniel Baker,...

Your gain is our lost. I had eyed Mr. Baker long time ago, and proclaimed him MCB's "Best Lifter" . Beautiful stage presence, amazing strength, joyful demeanor , always an EXCITING performer to watch...(a factor sadly getting lost this days in the ballet world). Ah...and definitely the BEST candy cane I've ever seen...(damn...and now he's gone, just when I was getting to terms with this character... :angry2: ). I even thought that in no time he would be escalating the ranks to become Principal Dancer here. Ballerinas ALWAYS looked SAFE during his daring partnering segments...

Enjoy Baker, guys...

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