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NYIBC winners!

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Congratulations to everyone who competed and to the winners!


New York International Ballet Competition concluded with the exciting announcement of the winners and a gala performance hosted by glamorous French actress Adriana Santini. The evening began with the presentation by writer Robert Tracy of a Gold Medal to Violette Verdy, in recognition of her contributions to the dance world and to NYIBC. Medalists and prize winners were:


Joseph Gatti USA Gold Medal

Daniel Sarabia Cuba Silver Medal

Altankhuyag Dugaraa Mongolia Bronze Medal


no gold

Christine Rocas The Philippines Silver Medal

Hanae Seki Japan Bronze Medal

The Arpino Award Christine Rocas, The Philippines

(The Arpino Award, new this year, is a one-year contract with the Joffrey Ballet, selected by representatives of the Joffrey Company)

The performance following the awards presentations featured all medalists and other entrants this year, joined by guest dancers:

Victoria Mazzarelli, gold medalist in the first NYIBC in 1984

Ogulcan Borova, gold medalist in 2003, currently a member of Ballet Internationale

Norbert Nirewicz, finalist in 2000

Mari Savitski, entrant in 2003

Caitlin Valentine, bronze medalist in 2003, currently a member of the Orlando Ballet

Executive Director of NYIBC is Ilona Copen; Artistic Director is Eleanor D'Antuono. Chairperson of the 2005 jury was

Victoria Morgan (USA), Artistic Director of the Cincinnati Ballet, joined by

Stanton Welch (Australia), Artistic Director of the Houston Ballet

Andre Lewis (Canada) Artistic Director of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Xin Lili (China), Artistic Director of the Shanghai Ballet

Dame Merle Park (England),former Artistic Director of the Royal Ballet School

Alexei Ratmansky (Russia), Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Ballet

Hans van Manen (The Netherlands), world renowned choreographer

Victor Ullate (Spain), Artistic Director of Victor Ullate Ballet

The next New York International Ballet Competition will take place June 20-24, 2007, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center.

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Thank for posting this, Alexandra!

Congratulations to Joseph Gatti who is a member of the ABT Studio Company, right?

QUESTION: Is Daniel Sarabia (Cuba) related to the famous Ballet Nacional de Cuba star, Rolando Sarabia?

'JUST WONDERING' COMMENT: Am I the only one on this board who cannot help but wonder why the current director of the Bolshoi Ballet, Alexei Ratmansky, was judging this competition in NYC, rather than attending the competition that's going on in his own home theater?

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Rolando and Daniel are brothers, Natalia.

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Thanks, Marga. Maybe one of these days we'll get to see 'big brother' Rolando back on these shores. What a spectacular dancer.

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That would be amazing to see both of them together, ive gotten the privledge for about a yr now to take class with Danny and dance with him and everything. He came to my studio for the yr to train and hes still here for the summer before he leaves for boston ballet. Hes amazing

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Natalia, I'd wondered the same thing about Ratmansky. This is just a guess, but perhaps he'd made the commitment to be a judge at NYIBC before he'd been named Bolshoi Director?

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Perhaps, Alexandra. Good point.

Or perhaps there is a bit of 'power struggle' between himself & ex-Bolshoi Super-Director-Emeritus (my own snide term) Yuri Grigorovich, for whom the Moscow IBC has always been a 'pet project'? A lot of folks in Moscow were miffed that Ratmansky & his administrative team did not grant 'leaves' to the Bolshoi dancers who chose to compete. For example, Natalia Osipova had to run between theaters during the final rounds -- compete at the New Bolshoi with a variation, run across the street to dance a variation in the Old Bolshoi's DON Q, then run back across the street to dance her second variation in the competition.

Just my five-cents worth.


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A hearty hello to Nicole!! And Welcome to BalletTalk. Thanks for the note on Daniel Sarabia. How exciting!

Since you're a dancer, if you have not already seen it, you may enjoy our sister board, BalletTalk for Dancers. It's a virtual "headquarters" for students, teachers, and dancers at all levels, from age 13 up.

Meanwhile, please stop by our Welcome Page and tell us a bit about yourself.

Good to have you on board! :P

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