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Japan Tour 2003 - more news

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I've spotted more details on Kirov's Japan tour on their impresario's site. Scheduled dates and programmes in Tokyo area are:

23 Nov "Swan Lake" at Ken-min Hall, Yokohama

24 Nov "Cinderella" at Ken-min Hall, Yokohama

27 Nov "R & J" at Ken-min Hall, Yokohama

3 Dec "Cinderella" at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

6 Dec "R & J" at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

8 Dec "Swan Lake" at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

9 Dec "Swan Lake" at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

...I should think after Tokyo they may tour around the country? (Their tour schedule continues well into 20 Dec). Also a special mention - It's been advertised that in the 27th's R&J Gergiev is scheduled to conduct.

Now the info. on the dancers scheduled to join: Lopatkina, Vishneva, Zakharova, Dumchenko, Part (!), Ruzimatov, Zelensky, Kolb, Korsuntsev

...well, though they warn that it's 'all subject to change', I still wonder if it's appropriate for them to include Lopatkina's name when no sign of her immediate return has been noted? In the recent St. P times, M. Vaziev was quoted to say that he could not comment on when she would ever be able to come back. (The article was found in your "Link" section for Friday the 21 Feb. - thanks!)

Here's the link to the website - unfortunately it's in Japanese only, but on this page at least you can view the photo image of the ad/poster!


Oh and I also heard a good news from Japan - Igor Zelensky was reported to return from a rather long absence and guested at New National Theatre Ballet in their version of 'La Bayadere' - with Zakharova.

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Hi Inga - how's Moscow? Freezing cold?

Not having been based in Japan, I'm afraid I cannot tell you how they were received. I did spot some comments on the performances in Japanese ballet sites but don't think it appropriate to quote them here... perhaps other Japanese readers who had actually seen the performances may be able to tell us about it.

Anyway I can assure you that Zakharova has had huge followers in Japan - in recent years she frequently guest-appeared with domestic as well as international companies so Japanese ballet-goers stand a better chance to see her. Her next engagement in the country has been arranged as early as in July - in Giselle. (Her Albrecht will be, the best Albrecht of all time, Laurent Hilaire from POB!)

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Hi Naoko S, the Moscow weather is playful: -15C in the morning and –5C in the day :)

Thank you for the info. Interesting dancers often perform in Japan but I cannot read Japanese sites and know very little about it. Dont you know when that La Bayadere with Zakharova-Zelensky took place? New National Theatre Ballet and Tokyo Ballet it's two diffenet companies? Sorry for stupid question :)

I think Zelensky is well for some time already because in the end of December he danced Albert in Greece (with Zakharova).

I never saw Laurent Hilaire as Albert but I saw Le Parc video with him and I think he is really great dancer! In La Bayadere video his classical style and noble bearing also was impressive.

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Inga, according to the site of the New National Theatre, Tokyo, Zakharova and Zelensky were scheduled to dance "La Bayadère" with the New National Theatre Ballet company on February 21 and 23. I suppose they actually did.

http://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/english/index2.html and then click on the Archives section. All is in English :)

Incidentally, in June 2004 (!) both stars are scheduled to dance "The Sleeping Beauty" with this company.

As for the Giselle in July 2003 with Zakharova, Hilaire, Moussin and Delanoe: http://www.koransha.com/ballet2003/summer.htm

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Thank you for the information! I just checked out Koransha's website. Both Giselle and Don Quixote look interesting to me - have to start saving some money for that!

Think Vishneva would be a good Kitri as she is such an exuberant dancer.

Will post a review if I do go!

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Originally posted by Inga

New National Theatre Ballet  and Tokyo Ballet it's two diffenet companies? Sorry for stupid question :D  

I never saw Laurent Hilaire as Albert  but I saw Le Parc video with him and I think he is really great dancer! In La Bayadere video his classical style and noble bearing also was impressive. [/b]

Not a stupid question at all! I myself have not had a good knowledge about these companies, but one thing's for sure, they are completely different institutions. New National Theatre Ballet is, as the name suggests, a public institution which the government subsidise - for a large part, I guess. (Just in case you're wondering, the original "National Theatre" is the institution for a traditional Japanese performing art - Kabuki.) The other, Tokyo Ballet is, I should guess, a private institution. Interestingly, a parent organisation for the company, Japan Performing Arts Foundation, is also an impresario for ballet & opera performances. (A plea: Any Japanese readers who've found the above accounts absolute lies, or misleading rubbish please do correct!)

Yes! Hilaire is a wonderful and utterly irresistible dancer, isn't he? I saw him in Le Parc a year ago, and above anything else his passions for stage/dance moved me greatly... In a month time I should be able to see him in RB's Nureyev pro. (lucky me!) so I'll tell you how it goes... (certainly in other threads!)

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Marc, thank you for the info! Scuffite, if you’ll see the performance(s) I hope to read your impressions too!

Thank you Naoko S for explanation about Tokyo theatres! Hilaire surely is great! I will be glad to read your review about his RB performance.

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