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  1. One that is quite comprehensive is www.ballerinagallery.com/index.htm Another one which focuses on Kirov and Bolshoi dancers is For Ballet Lovers Only at users.skynet.be/ballet-lovers/index.html
  2. The good news is that the Chacott site has an English site. The bad news is that the Vaganova videos are not on the site (for both English and Japanese sites), at least not from my quick search. But I think if you e-mail them, they can help you notwithstanding that it is not on the site. There are many of the Vaganova tapes though and they take up a couple of shelves in the Chacott basement shop. You may want to ask them to give you a list of the Vaganova tapes.
  3. Yes, Chacott still has those tapes .... the whole series of them! For those interested .... Unfortunately, the whole tape is in Russian with Japanese sub-titling only. Thanks for the info. I have some of these tapes and have always wondered what became of those students, esp. the "favourites".
  4. Thank you Marc. Not sure about the evening but the matinee still has single seats left. Still checking ..... I just read Clement Crisp's review of Le Corsaire by the Kirov in London. About Svetlana Zakharova, "so compelling in other ballets, tears into the role like an arrow, and kills it stone dead". The 2 male leads get better reviews though - "As the hero, Conrad, we had the unexepected debut of Vladimir Shishov, dancing handsomely and looking handsome, with the young and very gifted Leonid Sarafanov as his side-kick, Ali." This is the very same cast that will be doing the closing.
  5. Marc, I will be in London from August 8. The only Kirov performances on from August 9 are Le Corsaire for both matinee and evening. If the casting is not changed (and assuming that there are still tickets), would you recommend the matinee or the evening performance? I am thinking matinee would be preferable? Thank you!
  6. scuffite

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    Hi Melodies, Thank you for the lovely photo. I am from Singapore. I think there are other overseas Chinese posting on this board since there are some other posters from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Great to have Ballet Alert bringing together ballet lovers from around the world!
  7. Below is from the online edition of the International Herald Tribune (June 11, 2003). Who would have known that Ivanka Trump was at SAB? The School of American Ballet is inviting all those who danced as children in George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker" over the last 50 years to a gala reunion this December. The school estimates that more than 2,000 of its students have played Marie, the Prince and assorted candy canes, soldiers and angels since Balanchine's "Nutcracker" premiered on Feb. 2, 1954. Suzanne Davidson, president of the school, said the alumni include the dancers Suzanne Farrelland
  8. Below is from the online edition of the International Herald Tribune (June 11, 2003): Eleven designs for a new $100 million building for St. Petersburg's famed Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater have gone on display. Among the entries are a glass creation by an American, Eric Owen Moss, a golden sarcophagus-like construction by the French architect Dominique Perrault and more conservative designs by Russian architects. The new building, which will seat 2,000 people and is being paid for by the state, is expected to be built by 2008-10. The winning entry will be announced June 28.
  9. She's right here in Tokyo! She has been here for a few years already. Tetsuya Kumakawa (previously of Royal Ballet) has set up his own ballet company here called K-Ballet, and Ms Durante is a "guest principal". K-Ballet is presently doing Swan Lake and Ms Durante is Odette. If you are interested, K-Ballet's web-site has a little English too and it is at www.kumakawa.org.
  10. scuffite

    Yuan Yuan Tan

    I am Chinese, although not from China ...... Yu - you An - an (for eg, as in "an" apple) Pronounce the 2 together fast i.e. don't break it up into 2 syllables. Won Won sounds pretty far off to me, but as the poster said, is probably "acceptable" to Yuan Yuan Tan. It is pretty hard to describe but the above is the best I can think of for now.
  11. Thank you for the information! I just checked out Koransha's website. Both Giselle and Don Quixote look interesting to me - have to start saving some money for that! Think Vishneva would be a good Kitri as she is such an exuberant dancer. Will post a review if I do go!
  12. I am new to ballet performances and therefore from a layman's point, here goes: There was a change in the ballets being performed and the dancers.@It was actually as follows: Rose Adagio from Sleeping Beauty Elena Esveeva, 4 princes Pas de Quatre Oksana Shestakova, Irina Perren, Elvira Khabibulina, Oksana Kutcheruk Sleeping Beauty Grand PDD Diana Vishneva, Igor Kolb Romeo and Juliet (Balcony Scene) Svetlana Zakharova, Andrian Fadeev Don Quixote Elena Filipjeva, Denis Matvienko La Sylphide Nataliya Ledovskaya, Ilya Kuznetsov Cinderella Grand PDD Aurelia Schaeffer, Chris Roelandt
  13. I will be going to the Muse performance tomorrow at Bunkamura. Can't wait! Thanks for the info!
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