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The Ones That Got Away


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[Note by A.T. This was posted on another thread in this forum, What role(s) do you want to see some of your fav. dancers perform? There was a response in the same vein, and I thought it would make a great topic on its own, so split the two posts off to start a new thread. Thank you, Jane! Your stock just split :)]

From just about the first time I ever saw him dance (1976!) I had Stephen Sheriff marked down for Bluebird. After quite a few years, he turned up on the casting, so I booked - he was ill. This happened several times throughout the season.

Eventually, right at the end of the season, I heard that he was defineitely going to be dancing that evening; however, as I had been out for eight nights in a row, I decided to give it a miss as I was sure I'd get my chance to see him the next season. The following day I read in the paper that he had resigned.

The moral of this story - if you get a chance, take it!

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