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Belinda Hatley,Gillian Revie, and Vanessa Palmer


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This thread can also be called the under-estimated ballerinas of the Royal Ballet.These dancers are my absolute favorites at the RB and none of them is at the principal level.The first time I saw Belinda Hatley was in a video of the Sleeping Beauty as the fairy Violante and I was astonished at how good she was,musical,strong,and a totally pure English style.Gillian Revie is,by far, one of the best Macmillan dancer at the RB.She is gentle but at the same time passionate,beautiful,and a very good actress,especially in Manon,Judas Tree,and Anastasia.Vanessa Palmer most definately does not have the place she deserves at the RB.By now she should at least be at the first soloist level.She has a strong jump,huge presence,understated virtuosity,and musicality.She is amazing in Ashton ballets,one of the few dancers who are at the RB.It took her ten years to get to the first artist level,she is a hard worker and deserves bigger roles.

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I just realised you are post from New York and so won't have seen Swan Lake recently! Vanessa Palmer has got to do one of the two swans roles and Belinda Hatley was in the pas de trois yesterday. Thought I would let you know as those roles are not put on the website but only the cast sheet for the night. xx

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I think these dancers are definitely appreciated by the ballet fans - they're constantly singled out and praised alongside the principals. Now management on the other hand... :)

I was so surprised when I saw Belinda Hatley dance the cygnets night after night. I guess I assumed she was ranked a bit high for the role - which rank of dancers tend to be cast in this? I agree she is absolutely one of my favourites for the reasons you gave above. There's something very soft and tender about the way she uses her arms and upper body and really makes her stand out from all the others. I think her debut in Giselle was one of my first performances at the ROH and I remember her Act I to be spirited and beautifully acted. I really hope that she will be given a chance to dance Sleeping Beauty given that Leanne Benjamin is on maternity leave.

I haven't seen Revie dance enough to make a fair comment. But speaking of pregnancies Lovebird I wasn't sure of you were aware but Gillian Revie is pregnant as well, a Christmas baby I think is what she said on the BBC. It's wonderful news but I wish I could have seen her in all those MacMillan ballets - there's an open slot in Judas Tree and Manon next year!

I like Vanessa Palmer a lot too, but I think that she's a soloist is right for her. She excels in soloist roles - Myrtha, one of the big Swans, Katya the maid in A Month in the Country are most memorable to me, but I don't think she's suited to the more principal roles. And I think it's already a little crowded at the top on the female side at the RB.

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hey Sylvia, I was at Swan Lake on the 12th Dec. Jane Burn danced cygnets along with Hatley so that's at least 2 first soloists there. Hatley went on to do the Spanish dance which was very warmly received.

Palmer danced the role of the two big swans together with Marianela Nunez and I loved the two of them. I feel that Nunez, expansive as she is, is not quite up to principal level just yet. She and Palmer complemented each other well. I do agree with lovebird that Palmer deserves to be a first soloist (I like her more than I like Morera for example) but there's still time for her to reach that rank so that's a consolation! :)

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