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Guest Dance Fish

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Guest Dance Fish

For a geography project, we have to pretend to visit European cities...anyway, my partner is my friend, a really good dancer, and we thought we'd see a ballet in Venice.We were going to make a fake program of it. I was wondering if anyone could give a list of ALL the characters. I know the story and the main ones, but not all of them or how many.

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I suggest the library, Dance Fish ;) Find the book entitled Complete Book of Ballets, and look it up. The main characters are always the same in this work, however sometimes there is a Peasant Pas de Deux, and sometimes not. Also, some do it as a Pas de Quatre. The number in the corps will vary according to the size of the company.

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Oy! Well, let's go down the list - I'm working on a set of pages for the main Ballet Alert! section of this site, so here goes:

Villagers and harvesters

Hilarion, a gamekeeper

Albrecht, Duke of Silesia, disguised as Loys, a peasant.

Wilfrid, his squire

Giselle, a village maiden

Berthe, her mother

Huntsmen and courtiers

The Duke of Courland

Bathilde, his daughter

Two Peasants (pas de deux [divertissement])


Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis

Moyna, a Wili

Zulma, a Wili

And that's everybody.

I would suggest that if you are going to see it in Venice, you might very well see it at the Teatro la Fenice, where the Diaghilev company used to perform. 24 Wilis and that's about it for that stage!

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It is Italy. Things Take A While.;)

If one spends time there, one finds out that this is a good thing., for the most part.

La Fenice is not due for completion yet, but there is a big effort underway

(lots of fundraising, committees, negotiations, etc.) and of course they are trying to present as much as possible in the meantime.

How wonderful it would have been to see Giselle there, though, DanceFish!

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Guest Dance Fish

Thank you so much! I was looking around a couple days ago for ballets in Venice, and I found the Teatro de Filarmonico. That's where I saw that it was showing Giselle. But thanks for your suggestions.

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