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An appeal to Danmarks Radio

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To clear the mind of some of the Things I've had to look at recently, I spent some hours this past weekend looking at some extremely valuable tapes the late Bent von Cotta Schoenberg was kind enough to copy for me from his own collection. These are a series of six one-hour television films, made under the direction of the great Hans Brenaa, in 1967, entitled The Bournonville Schools. The narrator and script-writer was an art historian, the late Dr. Alan Fredericia.

The films shew the essential technical features of the Bournonville school, danced by some of the Greats of the day, including Flemming Ryberg and Toni Lander at the height of their powers, moving on to enchaînements from the Schools named for each day of the week, that are of transcendental difficulty. Some of the dancers are middling, some are extraordinary, but they all get the point across.

To mark Bournonville's 200th anniversary, it would be a true service to the dancing world for Danmarks Radio to reissue those tapes now, sub-titled in English, in commercial form.

I simply cannot believe that a document of this historical importance has been mouldering in the archives of State television for almost thirty years.

Incidentally, I cannot copy those tapes, because a/ they are now in very bad condition and b/ I do not have a machine to copy ( nor even a television for that matter - I watch at friends ! ), but if anyone is in Paris, they are welcome to contact me to have a look at them.

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