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BB Nutcracker


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The sources of casting information I know about are 1) the Boston Ballet Subscriber Box office, which may be staffed weekends (or not). If you aren't a subscriber - since you're from NY, I assume you're not - they won't sell you tickets, but they may be able to tell you casting. Their number is 617-695-6955. OR 2) to (best) show up at the Wang Theatre and ask their Box Office people and buy your tickets there (or cadge a program insert, which has a 4-5 days of casts listed, if you are not buying). The Nutcracker run is in it's last set of performances now, and the ticket prices are about 20% cheaprer than they were before Christmas.

Some rules that don't make much sense:

You can't telephone the Wang Box office directly (so far as I can tell).

Tele-charge (the telephone source for tickets for non-subcribers) will not know about casts and will bilk you with whopping service charges.

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