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Paris Conservatoire, Dec 9th- 14th

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The performances of the students of the Conservatoire National Superieur de Danse et de Musique de Paris will take place on Dec 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 14th at the salle d'Art Lyrique of the Conservatoire. Unlike in the previous years, there will be only one series of performances, instead of two (one with the "contemporary" students and one with the ballet ones- all the students are in their 5th and last year). I don't know the reason for such a change.

The program will include:

-a new work by Robert North (music by Dmitri Chosakovitch)

-a new work by Yvann Alexandre (music by Bela Bartok)

-a new work by Mark Tompkins (music by Maurice Ravel)

-some excerpts from George Balanchine's "Agon" (music by Igor Stravinsky)

From what I've read, the music students of the Conservatoire will be involved too.

The performances are free, but one has to book some tickets by phone before (01 40 40 46 33, starting on Nov 28).

Another event organized by the Conservatoire that might interest some people here: they will start this season a new kind of program called "Apres-midi de la Danse", showing some works of the repertory staged after choreographic notations, danced by the students of 3rd and 4th year. It is supposed to be only for an audience of researchers, pedagogues, and artists. The first one will take place on March 26-27 and will include:

-"Reverie" (Hanya Holm)

-"La Valse" (Frederick Ashton)

-"Raymonda" (Marius Petipa)

-"The Green Table" (Kurt Jooss)

Also there will be some "open doors" (with public rehearsals and classes) on April 5th-6th, and some exchanges with the dance classes of the University of California Irvine on May 16t-h17th.

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