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Changes at the Ballet National de Marseille

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Ah, they have added some paragraphs at the end of the article. It says among other things that the Ballet National de Marseille had ended the year 2001 with a deficit of 600000 euros, mostly because Pietragalla's creation "Sakountala" had costed 1 million euros (I'm not familiar with such figures, but isn't it a lot for such a company?) The number of dancers of the company has decreased from 41 to 35, and the administrator says that the deficit should be around 150000-200000 euros for 2002.

Actually I don't know how the other French companies work- I don't know if there is only one director for everything, or an administrative and an artistic one... At the Paris Opera, there used to be a "directeur de la danse" and an "administrateur de la danse", but when Brigitte Lefevre switched from "administrateur" (when Dupond was directeur) to "directeur" there was no "administrateur" any longer. But also there didn't seem to be a clear difference between the two jobs, for example I've read that Jean-Albert Cartier, who was the administrateur at the beginning of Dupond's directorship, has insisted on staging some Massine and Nijinska works.

In Marseille, Pietregalla was so far the director (administrative and artistic) of the company, and also the director of the school, she choreographed several works for them, danced in most productions, and also performed from time to time with other companies or alone with a program of solos.

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