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NITTY GRITTY DETAILS abou the Kirovs new Bayadere please

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I know that the impressions about the Kirovs new Bayadere are described in great detail throughout this site, and that everyones opinion is known, but it would be nice if someone who is knowledgable about the new (or old) version could give me details about the changes that were made. Music, choreography and dances would be nice, for example, what number really went where, or restored music that was long deleted, if any. Im especially interested in the line up of numbers in the betrothal scene, and the action. Also the Shades scene (I know that 42 dancers are used in the entrance) and the scene that preceeds it in Solors room, and what happens afterward. The last act line up to. WHAT WOULD REALLY BE COOL is if some one knew the listing of numbers.....sort of like a track listing on liner notes for a CD. This is my favorite theatrical work and anyone who could tell me NITTY GRITTY details about it would give me the next best thing to actually seeing it. Im sick of finding the slim pikins worth of details on the net. Thanks!

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