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Dana Tai Soon Burgess

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Dana Tai Soon Burgess's company, Moving Forward Dance, turned 10 Saturday night and celebrated with a splendid evening of dance. I reviewed it for the Post:

Moving Forward at 10: Wise Beyond Its Years

.....There are choreographers well into their fifties who don't have as consistent and individual a voice as Burgess has found at 33.

Each dance is as spare, intimate and perfect as a pearl. Burgess's work is food for the eye and the soul; the music, often specially composed, and the design are as much a part of the dance as the steps. Each dance has its own language, usually a mixture of Western modern dance and various Eastern dance forms, from the Indonesian dance of the hands to chops and kicks from the martial arts. Burgess selects a few movements that suit each dance from a broad palette the way a painter might choose a handful of complementary hues, so each dance looks distinct, yet bears the imprint of the choreographer's silken, fluid style.

I saw a lot of people I know there, but no one who posts here, unfortunately, but if this company comes your way and you have any interest in choreography, I'd recommend it highly.

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