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Nicolai Hübbe on RDB in November


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There's a 2 minute 41 second interview with Hubbe, in Danish -- and three brief dancing segments from "The Lesson" -- on the Royal Danish Ballet's home page.

If you go to http://www.kgl-teater.dk/ on the home page you'll see a photo of Bournonville's Konservatoriet, and below that there's a little icon of a movie camera and "Se interview med Nikolaj Hübbe" Click, find the same words again, choose your connection speed and you'll get it.

They also promise a "trailer" but I couldn't get that to work.

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Yes, Mary J -- I noticed that, too. The 19th century shoes. Apparently that's what men wore in the 19th century, but, like many things, the tradition survived only in Denmark. It makes the foot look so beautiful, I think.

I only saw this with Nureyev, who was crazed from his entry. I was always surprised at how much dancing there was in it. (Meaning, I remember it as a theater piece, and am surprised every time I see it at how much it uses dance.)

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I finally listened to the trailer. It is funny to hear Hubbe speaking Danish, and then the words "serial killer" come out of his mouth!

Am I right in thinking the woman dancing the student is different in the rehearsal as against the performance version? I think the performance version seems less violent than I remember because the victim doesn't seem all that frightened.

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I never got the trailer, so I can't say. (I kept getting an error message.)

I have several Danish videos where English comes out suddenly. One of the strangest, to me, is an introduction to Bournonville's "Kermesse in Bruges," where in the very last sentence, the narrator says "happy ending." I thought that odd, since Bournonville is often denigrated for having only happy endings (his darker works were dumped in the 1930s) that there isn't a Danish equivalent.

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